Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happiness Is...

1. Watching musicals, dance movies, teen movies, old 80's movies. Some of my faves?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Sound of Music, Saved, Bring It On!, Some Kind of Wonderful, 16 Candles, The Breakfast Club, Spaceballs, Romancing the Stone, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, The Goonies, The Dark Crystal. The list is truly extensive.

2. Running outside. The fresh air, the trees, waving at other runners, joggers, walkers outside. Feeling connected to something other than the chaos in my head.

3. Listening to my children laugh.

4. Alone time with my husband. This is so incredibly rare. I actually cannot remember the last time we spent time alone. Currently I'm dreaming of a three day/two night stay away from the children. But, no babysitter to take on 3 children makes it a no go. We need the recharge as a couple desperately. One day. (Trust me, "one day" is the only thing that keeps us sane some days lol)

5. Going for walks with the family. I really love visiting Kildonan Park in the summer and taking the kids to the Witches Hut. That place still gives me the creeps, even if they did change a lot of the inside from what it was like when I was a kid. Not as dark and foreboding.

6. Dancing at the club. The music pulsating and no one else around me is there. Everything liquifies. It's just me and the music. The only time besides working out where I feel connected to my body and not a bystander in a shell. Ah heck, I'll dance anywhere. Music is magical indeed.

7. Reading. I just read 3 books of 3 in a series in about four or five days. I just went for an eye exam for new glasses as I gave myself a severe headache doing that. I can't wait to start reading that much again. The kids are old enough I'm able to get back into reading for pleasure more. (On Goodreads I just challenge myself to read 25 books in 2015. I'm already 3 or 4 in.)

8.Writing. I'm starting something new and trying to make sure I get writing in at least once a week right now. I have a goal for some sort of rough draft by the end of 2015.

9. Cheerleading. Being a cheerleader for my husband, kids, family and friends in their endeavours. I really enjoy watching them grow in their prospects. Seeing them succeed brings me much joy.

10. Summer. I thrive in sun and warm weather.

What makes you happy?

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