Thursday, September 11, 2014

Summer why you leave me?

This is just a filler post. I'm still here, I swear! I have been a neglectful blogger these last few years. A lot has gone on and it's taken all my energy. The easiest was to fill the depression filled times and the overwhelmed times with pointless games on FB. I did do fun things with the family as well. I did plan on having those posted as we did them. FAIL! Lately my world has been built on a lot of good intentions. And now, summer left me. I don't think it truly ever showed up. Global warming, Global Weirding, Climate Change, whatever you want to call it has left me weather jaded and summer longing.

So while I'm adjusting to this sudden turn in cold weather, wondering why I still live in this frigid climate that I clearly dislike, and thankful we don't have snow already like another Province, I'm going to turn my time on to making a list of things I want to do and write about them! They will be positive and silly, and a couple serious. No particular order, I don't have time for that. lol

Here's how I feel about Summer leaving us so soon.

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