Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Bitch and The Asshat

Wow. Today was going really well. I was extremely productive even though I had to make 5 different trips to two schools in one day.(This is a pretty normal twice a week happening) It's warm, the sun is shining and it smells like Spring!

I was sitting in my van waiting for one of my kids after school as usual. Things were good, peaceful, warmer than the wintery blast of the Polar Vortex that has been a real pain in the butt. My kid gets in the car and I decide to turn into the back lane. I get stuck, back up a touch and move on. Then this truck comes around the corner. I figure that they'd at least wait until I get up to a driveway to pull into so they could pass. Apparently, that would be the easy thing to do. So okay, this lady with a scowl on her face, drives up the back lane to me going faster. I can no longer get to the driveway, so I thought she would just creep in there and let me pass. Nope, too much common sense for this lady. All the years I've been in a vehicle this is the standard procedure as backlanes are one vehicle only.

So I sit there waiting for this woman to back up so at least I can find a way to get around her. No, she keeps moving closer to me, driving closer and closer to my front end. I have no choice but to back up out of the back lane. Which if I wanted to do I would have done in the first place when I got stuck. So I honked at her and flipped her the bird. I mean really, yes unnecessary and childish, but you don't force someone out of a back lane like that. Who knows what was behind me. I couldn't well watch for people because I had no clue how close this nutter was going to drive into me and I had 3 kids in the car.

So I slow down to a stop sign and this nut job wonderful lady honks at me and drives super close to my back end. Like wtf people! I start to drive away from the stop sign and she is still driving up my butt. So mid section (sorry to the guy I was partially blocking), I got out of the van and this lady gets out of her car and starts calling me a bitch! Yelling at me, asking me why I gave her the finger. I told her straight out that she pushed me out of the back lane and there was no reason for that. She could have easily pulled to the side in a driveway so I could pass. She's not listening and giving me this story that I'm a bitch just like the lady at the other end of the backlane that blocked her in and she had to turn around and I was just at the beginning of the backlane. No, I was four houses into the back lane, three feet away from getting into a driveway to let you pass. Couldn't say that as she was too busy calling me a bitch and categorizing me with some lady waiting in a backlane for her child to get out of school. So, I gave up, told her to think about her actions, which she parroted back to me. (Yes, what a clever little parrot she was) Got into my van and drove home. Once I was in my driveway I appologized to my children.

I told my children I should not have done what I did. Not because I thought this lady was right in anything she did, but because on the way home I thought. What a jerk! Some lady blocked her in on one end, so she let that piss her off so much she behaved horribly toward someone not involved. Exactly what I did. I could have been annoyed without acting like my three year old. Worst of all was I did it in front of my children. Now I had to make it a learning lesson. Mommy was in the wrong and should have just drove home without saying or doing anything. The lady was in the wrong, but mommy made a bad decision and made the situation worse. Mommy can't control the lady's behaviour but I can control my own. Mommy is sorry you saw that.

Now that my kids are not here, the lady is lucky I don't have telekinesis or I would have pushed her ass out of the backlane. Also, backlane etiquette is that you find a way to let the oncoming vehicle pass by moving into an available driveway. The oncoming vehicle will let you, I promise. Or stop so they can let you pass. They will also do that. NEVER push someone out, the dangers of such actions are massive. In the States, they shoot you for that type of shit. And one more thing, if I'm a bitch, you dear lady are the biggest Asshat I've ever personally met.


  1. Sounds like a typical day on the roads of Kuwait. I certainly feel for you. I'm happy you and your family are okay, despite the nutter having a major brain fart.

    1. I don't know if I could deal with that every day lol. I still wish a behaved better as my children didn't need to see such a poor reaction. Lesson learned for mommy lol


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