Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bionic Man: The Fantastical Journey Into A Life With New Sight

Wow! A lot has come and gone through our lives in the last bit. I'm not consistently working out as I hurt myself. (non workout related) I'm trying to get back at it. Food is still my nemisis. I cut down my position and trying to get into moving myself and goals into positive direction.

While I work hard, my husband has had an amazing sci-fi thing happen to him. Like I'm talking full on Jestsons movie here. Possibly Star Trek. Anyone remember Geordi La Forge?

My husband was first introduced to a Canadian company called eSight eyewear not that long ago. I'm thinking maybe January at the earliest, the beginning of February at the latest. Someone from Grants International knew my husband is legally blind. (He was born with optic nerve hypoplsia) They sent my husband a couple of youtube links about eSight. Then the ball started to roll and rather quickly.

We couldn't get out to Ottawa, so eSight set up a meeting with hubby out here. They ended up meeting with about 14 people all together between Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The meetup is to basically see if the eSight eyewear would be a good fit for you. It was amazing. My MIL, hubby's coworker and I all went with him for this meeting. If it wasn't for my MIL's insane self control and poise, I would have been bawling all over the place. My husband went from seeing 200/20 to better than 20/20 when the testing was all said and done. eSight says the average is 25/20. Still not bad anyway you look at it. Now eSight eyewear is just another tool, but I personally cannot explain how. As the glasses would be useless to me as I don't fit the range of eyesight that this eyewear is utilized for. (Good thing he has started a youtube channel to try to help people understand what it does for him.) He can now read a book to his children and when soccer season starts he'll actually be able to see them play, not just hear them. When he goes to a school concert he'll be able to watch in real time, no more waiting until we get home to watch it on video. I'm so excited for him.

We decided that night that we were going to get this eyewear for him no matter what. The cost is not cheap at about $10,000 a pair. But you can't really put a price on being able to see things you've never been able to see before, like the menu at a fast food restaurant.

If you want to know more about eSight eyewear you can click on the links, or better yet, check out my husbands youtube channel TwentyTwenty. Please subscribe and share. You never know who this technology may help. For my husband it has opened up a whole new quality of life he never thought he'd obtain.

Here is his latest video. He has three others before this one. Check them all out :D

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