Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sorry Son, Mommy Broke The TV

Don't ask how I did it. Let's just go with super powers. It sounds better than, "Mommy went to touch the menu/input button on the tv and shocked herself so bad that her finger is on fire, she has pain shooting up to her shoulder and the tv turned off, then on again before it started acting out a scene straight out of Poltergiest."

As much as that sucked, dealing with the following is gonna require a whole lot of the little green pills.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Pound per Pound

February 1st

One month down since I took my comparison pictures of where I started. I just checked. I didn't share with you lovely people. So here they are:

That was the beginning of January, although I started on the plan a week or two before. This was Jan 1, and while I looked okay. I was suffering from Laryngitis, bronchitis and a third thing I cannot remember, on antibiotics, but I needed this for my NYR start. Merry Christmas to me. I was off for a week. I was scared that I wouldn't pull through. But I did. It didn't stop me.

Here are a few things that my FB friends got to experience as "selfies" totally help to keep me accountable. Poor people had to endure these daily for at least a good 2.5 weeks.

January 6th
Just ran out of excuses. Banished to the basement I am.

January 10
Really bad day, but I refuse to let it finish that way.

January 13
My scale may not like me but my middle is looking widdled! Hey looking for positives here lol

January 13
My after I busted my butt with weights dance party!

January 18
So excited. I'm gonna go run outside!

January 18
Pretty darn good, considering the new snow. Warm up. Cool down. Ran full time in between. Silly smile the whole way baby!

January 24
Success! 7 hanging knee raises in proper form in a row. Goal for first set is 15. When I started I couldn't even hang from that bar!

January 25
3 false starts. Couldn't get my head in the game. Last 5 min of cats and 5yr old trying to break my concentration. But I still pulled out a straight 30min run! Take that resistance!

January 30
"I just wanna feel this moment." Post workout dance party.

Now we are caught up to today. I don't post as much, mainly because my 5am wakeup has moved somewhere to dragging my tired carcass out of bed at 5:30am. I usually don't get down to the basement until 6am. I need to change that soon if I expect to do a different program from the one I'm currently doing that only needs 30-45minutes of my time. It's a work in progress. I do let myself sleep in on my rest days. Some days that is only 2hrs, but I'll take it. When I don't have to work and can run outside I let myself sleep in later as well. Sleep is my friend.

So what has this journey got me in the first month?

It's got me working out consistently. I hate mornings, but have proven to myself that I absolutely will not workout at 11pm at night when I get home from work. That I will drag myself out of bed at 5:30am so I don't have to workout later. My moods are much more stable. Still some up and downs, but not as extreme. Due to our really cold weather and needing to stay inside more, my depression is normally keeping me angry daily and in bed. While tired and I definitely have cabin fever, my depression is not even close to what it would be in these fine January weather conditions. It still does nothing for my anxiety, but I feel less anxious knowing I've got my workout in on time. My deal with food is that I'm learning to think of food as fuel as opposed to the enemy. I'm eating 200 more calories than before, and more calorie dense healthy foods so I don't have to eat so much. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen is a huge binge eating trigger for me. I am typically drinking a good 9 glasses of water per day now. That is up from a big fat 0-1 glass a day. Sad I know. I crave junk food less and my libido has gone through the roof. Before that too was a big fat zero, much to my husbands dismay.

And drumroll please

I have lost 3 of these "baby's"

(Google Images)

Which translates to




There are measurements I don't have in there, bust and belly, so my total loss is actually 7.25" overall.

I also learned that when I started this journey two years ago I was starting at 206lbs and 39% body fat. I started January with 194.4lbs and had dropped to an amazing 29% body fat. At 190.6lbs and with my measurements I dropped to 26% body fat. I am stoked! It might not seem like a lot to some, however, it is. There are many things I couldn't do. I'm stronger, fitter, and lb per lb I'm getting to my goal.

Maybe next time I'll share my end goal. Until then, "Keep fit, and have fun." Okay, this is not Body Break. I'll think of my own motto, maybe lol.

*note - I noticed that I put in the wrong measurements, after finding my measurement sheet. Instead of 28% body fat, I actually dropped to 26%. Hence, the change in numbers for those that may reread this post.*

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