Sunday, July 28, 2013

I'm Colour Rad and Muddy Awesome!

I can't not be busy. I don't think it's possible. I want to not do anything most days, but yet somehow I fill my days to the brim. Especially this summer. Oops. Summer is half over and I realized I picked up so many extra shifts at work, that I lost July and half of August with my kids to work.

These last two Saturdays though were dedicated just to me. Doing something I really enjoy. Running. I did a half marathon last October and then I had surgery. Now that I feel better, I was considering another race. However, training for a half marathon is really time consuming and I wasn't feeling up to it this year. But I wanted to do something to help me get back into running. That's when I hear about Colour Me Rad I had never done this before, but have seen a lot of my American running friends post pictures of being head to toe in colour on their facebook pages. I had to do it. Just a 5k, no intensive training needed, and it would get me back into the habit of running.

July 20 at 9am I ran my 5k at the Red River Exhibition Park in Winnipeg, MB

This race wasn't nearly what I thought it was. I had fun, but it didn't provide the challenge in a race that I like. The thing I didn't know was that Colour Me Rad is more of a social thing. More people walk than run the 5K. Those walkers have probably never run in a race and don't really understand the importance of staying to one side of a trail to leave room for the runners to pass on their left. Even though the announcer mentioned keeping to the right of the trail if you're walking, no one heeded his words and many of us were left weaving in and out and dodging people throughout the 2.81miles. That was the other thing. It wasn't a true 5k either. It was short. In my few short years of running I have apparently become a more serious runner lol It didn't help that I left my mp3 player at home and had a dozen people in my head talking. It made for a noisy, non relaxing run on top of everything else I found annoying.

The good about the run? Getting smashed with colour. Seeing little kids running, walking, getting pulled or pushed in wagons and strollers. Getting out and completing a run I've never done before. The only way I would do this again though is if someone I know who really isn't into running, but wants to do this 5k asked me. Otherwise, challenge wise for me, saying I at least participated in it once is good enough for me.

On Saturday, July 27, 2013 at 10am I ran Mud Hero in Winnipeg, MB. Actually it was in Grand Beach, MB around the Grand Beach Entertainment Center.

What on earth does my shirt mean? I have a wonderful friend on facebook from the UK and she dared me to put "My name is Sarah and I'm F'ing Awesome!" on my shirt as I have four kids and do so much I should have probably drove myself completely mental by now. Like padded walls and straight jacket mental. Reality is, the kids and what I do is probably what keeps me out of that padded room and straight jacket. As you can see I modified the wording on the shirt just a bit and called her out instead lol.

Due to my Dad scaring me about the difficulty of the obstacle courses of this race, I turned to Google to find out how long it would take to do. I knew I had the running down as I've done two half marathons to date and have been doing some practice runs prior to this. My worry was the obstacle course and my lack of upper body strength. Thank goodness for this wonderful blogger here at Piper's Run. She had just done the Mud Hero run and had a lot of helpful hints, as well as how long it took her.

Feeling better, I hydrated like nobody's business the night before, I also made sure to eat a protein filled breakfast in the morning. I don't normally eat before my runs (although I probably should), the tip was to make sure I ate in order to make it through without wanting to throw up and pass out by the end. Mom and Dad picked me up very early, while hubby stayed back with the kids.

Of course we were there EARLY and registration didn't take that long. So I warmed up, jumped up and down, danced a little to the music. Finally it was almost time for my wave to go through.

I didn't bring my mp3 as I didn't want to get it full of mud and not work ever again. So I just kept telling myself to pace myself and run my own race not someone else's. I also tried to run the whole thing with the least amount of rest as possible. Tried telling myself that the obstacles were my rest points. It worked until the last 2km. My body was getting tired and there was a lot of uphill at that point. Also, I was running trails. I normally run on pavement of some sort. Some trail, but nothing even close to what I went through on the mud run. I think I would have done better if I would have had some significantly more upper body strength.

First big incline and very steep decline. There really was a reason it got slow at this point.

Last obstacle. Similar to the mud pit we went through in the beginning. There was so much mud in my eyes, I could barely see after that one. I still have mud in my left ear that doesn't want to get out.

I'm almost at the end right? I'm really tired, but I spot my parents. This must be close. Then I spot the last mud pit.

Here we go. I'm really hoping this is the last mud pit. This is some gritty mud and it's everywhere.

Yes! I made it! And dude, I would make one ugly sasquatch. (Imagine that mud as hair).

I wasn't sure of my time. But my ultimate goal was just finishing. We left shortly after as my Dad was really tired. I was so glad my Mum was there. This was the first race she has ever come to. I'm sure she was tired as well, but didn't say anything about it.

A few hours later at my In-Laws for dinner the race results were revealed. I was so stoked! My goal was 2 hrs as I was not sure how the obstacles would slow me down. The lady from the blog did hers in 1.5hrs. I was shocked and very pleased at my ending results.

RESULTS: Mud Hero. Time: 0:58:28.4. Pace: 8:44. Category: F35-39. Cat. Place: 46/146

Would I do this again next year? OF COURSE!!! Now to get a group together to drag through the mud with me.


  1. I love the blog and I love you, you did anawesome run and I'm glad I was there to see it can hardly wait for next year. You go girl.

  2. Well done! It looks like you had an awesome day weather wise too!
    Thanks for sharing my blog link!

  3. Your blog made me laugh. Thanks for that! Way to go on the 5K. And good luck with your upcoming half-marathon.


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