Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Resolution Time 2013

Well Bishes! We made it! We survived the Mayan calendar predictions of a Dec. 21, 2012 apocolypse. Aren't we bloody fantastic! Okay, so in all reality it was the modern day man's interpretation of the Mayan calendar. I'm beginning to think that is all life is, you're interpretation of it. Which life you are living is your interpretation of how great or shitty it is. In truth, my life is pretty damn good, it's my disorder that helps bring out and sometimes define the shittiness of it. All I can do is put up my dukes and beat the fucker back where it belongs, leaving it to cower in the darkest corner so I can have a happier perception of the life God has given me.

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So here we are. New year, new Mayan cycle, new life, which leads to the yearly Resolution Rush. I did a resolution post last year. I needed to go back to it to see what I kept, ditched, and so forth. Yeah, that was short, I only had one resolution. I didn't ditch it, but I didn't make it to my goal either. I think I would have, if it wasn't for a slight problem. Long story short, I lost 30lbs by April or May. I was well on my way, until I started doubling over in pain. At first it was random, but when I tried to lose more weight, it got worse. I went to my doctor and after tests they found a cyst on my ovary. So I gave up the healthy eating and went on to gaining back 5lbs to help ease the now chronic pain. Four months after my consultation with the surgeon I had my surgery. I love how I feel now! Getting used to not cringing when I anticipate pain for some things, relieved I no longer feel it. I'm almost all healed inside too. Anyways, another post I'm sure. Post op checkup is next week. So during recovery as it was during Christmas I said screw it and just let myself enjoy the holidays. Enjoy I did. I gained back half of that 30lbs. So a fail? Yes, and no. A total fail would have been if nothing was wrong medically and I just gave up because of whatever the reason was. This was a necessary evil. Okay, munching on all that holiday goodness, no, but the rest was. In the end, last years resolution was a partial success. Go me! Because of this I'm feeling more confident in my resolution keeping abilities. So here is my new list for 2013.

1. Lose this weight.

My goal is to lose the full 50lbs that I wanted to lose last year. If I lose more bonus! But the main goal is 50.

2. Make healthy eating a lifestyle.

Poop on the diets. I want this to translate into good healthy eating choices for my kids.

3. Pay off most of my debt, and get more into savings.

We aren't bad, but we have gained about double the debt in seven years together than we had when we first got married. I'm not counting the mortgage on our home or the loan for the new van. I'm talking the other debt from just poor money management. We did things like spend $400 on each kid in 2011 for Christmas. We went into debt for Christmas? WTF?! Yeah, this year was more manageable, we went in with a budget and a list and that was all they got. We landed at maybe $100. per kid and didn't use the CC to pay for it. I'll keep some notes on what goes on throughout the year, see where we end up on Dec. 31/2013

4. Design and finish at least 3 quilts for the littles by years end. Princess Unicorn for A, Herobrine from Minecraft for E, and Monkeys for L. (L walks around making monkey noises all the time. It's really cute)

5. No clue. I'm thinking it should be something about my novel or my business, or making myself a better parent, yet these things shouldn't be given a date on when to start. It should be an everyday growth thing. Especially when it comes to hubby and kids.

Well I think I"ll end it with four things. They are going to take time and patience and focus. So far I'm eating better and down 2 lbs this week from January 1, 2013. We have brought down some debt by at least $1,000 and put myself on a spending cut unless it's business related. And that would be for special orders. I have also been more consistent about using a meal plan and have been shopping accordingly. It's not easy by any means, but what in life is? So, what is your resolution and are you planning on sticking with it? What have you started with so far? Did you start some of your resolutions near the end of 2012 like I did? Or did you wait for January 1st?

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  1. $100 on each child for Xmas is excellent! Gosh, you did so much better than me. We too stuck to a budget but somehow, ran slightly over.

    I truly admire you for sticking to your limits. Good luck with your weight lose.


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