Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012: Have the Mayan's Got You Too?

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We have 11 more days before the world comes to an end according to the Mayan Calendar. I do believe in God, however, I cannot help but be sucked into this just a little. What if the Mayans did know something we didn't. There are many theories of what will happen, and if we go by what God says in that we won't know the time or day, then all is fine. However, I panic. A lot. Which means I probably shouldn't be interested in things like aliens and Nostradamus, but I am. I also like history. I just watched some interesting program on the History Channel called Battles B.C. Sure it's an old program, circa 2009. But it had some interesting historical facts on David the giant slayer of the Bible.

I'm not all doom and gloom here. In fact, through all of this I still decorated my tree, bought Christmas gifts and written out approximately 100 Christmas cards. I do have to send some via email, so you tree huggers don't get your jock straps and panties in a bunch, I am doing my part. To calm my Impending Doom Syndrome I have started to make a list of the pros and cons of the world coming to an end Dec.21, 2012. (BTW is this supposed to happen at the stroke of midnight the morning of Dec. 21 or 11:59pm?)

The World Ending


I'll no longer need to pay my mortgage

Debt? What debt? That got wiped out by the Mayan Calendar

Karma wiped out all the douche's in my life in one fell swoop. (Well done Mayan's. Well done)

No more insane drivers or traffic jams! Booyah!

I won't have to pay for gas anymore. No more excuses from the media why the gas spices spiked this week. Cause really we all know it's to line the governments pockets while they spoil our land and suck out all the Earth's natural resources.

In Heaven my husband could see and my kids would no longer have bad attitudes.

In Heaven I'd spend all day singing and sound so much better than I do now that I haven't practiced every day like I used to. (seriously, singing Christmas songs to the kids and I sound like Kermit the Frog)

I would no longer scream, "get this kid out of here so I can take a crap!" I'm sure God will have thought to make it where we won't need to waste time in the little girls/boys room ever again!

All my hangups, gone. The Earth will be desimated, what is there to have hang ups about?

Gold streets and Mansions people! That's what I'm talking about!


The world ends and all the time and money I spent picking out gifts will be for not as I won't know if the recievers really liked it.

I will have wasted too much time and miss out living the life I want to live. (currently working on this all year, so yeah, that would blow chucks seeing how far I've gotten)

All those Christmas cards I spent three days writing out. Pointless unless the remaining life knows how to read and have the same names as those on the cards.

It really is just a change of a life cycle and life goes on but drastically different. (I will remind you that I don't do change well)

A giant biological virus is released and Zombies become real. (You really think that I was going to make a post about the apocolypse and NOT mention zombies? c'mon who do you think you are reading?)

The idiot governments decide to blast each other and blow everything up, leaving most of us dead and either I survive my husband and kids, or vice versa. (Yeah, not a world I would want to live in and at that point would advocate suicide)

Nothing changes and the fiscal cliff is real and we all spiral into a recession that leads to looting, death and absolute chaos.

Nothing changes and the fiscal cliff is a lie the governments told us so they could tax the shit out of us and have us kill ourselves off from looting, etc. ourselves instead of going after the rat bastards who put us in this position. (Damn I need to win the lottery in 11 days to be rich and survive)

As a Canadian, the U.S. fiscal cliff will give our passive government a reason to a)sell us all of to forgein land, or b)tax the shit out of us like the Americans. In that case refer to the above two cons.

My biggest con after all this, really is the world ending because of a man made disaster to make this prophecy real, and only a few survive. Me being one of them, without my husband and children to help me carry on.

I'm sure I'll come up with more in the next 11 days. So, what are your pros and cons for the end of the world?


  1. Have you ever seen the film 2012? That completely freaked me out and I couldn't sleep for days. My hubby kept telling me it was fiction but I got it into my head that this is what Judgement Day would be like..... despite that I don't think anything will happen. Having said that I bet I constantly look at the time on the 21st! If Canada does sell you off you can come here, I'll feed you fish and chips and tea and we can both moan about the weather together :)

    1. yum, fish and chips lol I'm watching the date too. I can't help it. Did the same in 2000. I could totally some fool blowing us up, or attempting to just to make the prophecy real. Hmmm, 2012. I may or may not have and now I must look it up lol


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