Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Healing Hearts and Lives: Half Marathon Edition

Last week I came to you with this post stating how much I needed you. I was and am auctioning off my Cuddly's. Now, I'm not unrealistic in thinking that someone will spend a crazy amount on a stuffed animal. I am hoping to get a nibble or two, even if it is only $15 dollars for one of the charities I am auctioning these adorable Cuddly's for. So come on, bid, all proceeds go directly to the charity and I pay for the shipping. Or you can stay right here and donate directly to the sites. Just tell me in the comments below how much you donated, to which charity and I'll add it to the tally thermometers on the right side of my blog!

So here again is the link to the blog post where I am auctioning off my Cuddly's.

Here is the link (yes, it's up and working now!), to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba. My goal for here is $250. Why am I running? It comes close to home for me. My father suffered three strokes years back in just as many days. He was lucky all it didn't affect too much. He gets tired more easily and had to retire from the Army Reserves, but he is still with us. My mother suffered an aneurysm last October and a mild stroke as her body was lying in the hospital fighting to stay alive. She survived and while things are different for her now she is alive and my parents just celebrated their 35th Wedding Anniversary. Raising money for research that could keep one more person alive seems like a no brainer. ***Note, the link is not taking people to the page. So still click on the link. Click on Events. A drop down box shows up and at the bottom is search for a participant. Click on that. Type in Sarah Manchuk and it will take you to my page.

Here is the link for the Kids of Kalivoka. For the Happy Home project that is being built. There are so many children in countries like the Ukraine that are given up by their parents to orphanages just because they are born with disabilities, or immune issues like HIV. The mentality there is like it was here approximately 50 years ago. The child is better off in the care of hospitals, in institutions. Not in the care of their loving parent. With no resources for families, they are given up to the state. This link goes to building a support home for these children who outgrow their "baby homes". It helps those children who grow out of the "baby home" and would otherwise be transfered to an institution. Those children who don't get adopted to a loving family. Here they can live a fuller life, than they otherwise would. This home is just like the support community homes we have here in Canada. This home is a step in the right direction to help change the old ideas in the Ukraine and other places like it. One person CAN make a difference. Don't have that cup of coffee this week and gift it to the kids in Kalinovka. My goal for here is also $250.

Here is the link for Bobby's Fund. Bobby is a child looking for his "Forever Family". Reece's Rainbow is a wonderful charity that helps families bring home their children. Adoption is a hefty fee, from paperwork to travel fees. So Reece's Rainbow sets up funds for children to hold this money for a particular child. This is a real charity, it does help. I have seen it first hand this past year with "Francine". The family only needed $5000 more to get their precious child. Once Francine's fund hit $5000. The last leg of the adoption was taken and the judge granted the family their daughter. So let's do this! Together!

Again, if I raise $100 in Bobby's fund and at least $150 in the fund for Kids of Kalinovka by October 15th I will dye my hair rainbow coloured. As well for every Cuddly sold $5 is going to Bobby's fund. If I get close to my goal I will tie different coloured ribbons in my hair for race day for the illusion of dyed hair. I of course have a cool outfit that I am wearing for the race for the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Half Marathon. It's outrageous. It's noticable. But it's all in the name of Healing Hearts and Lives. Join me now!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Down To The Wire and I Need You: Half Marathon Edition

Well everyone it's down to the wire, and I NEED you and your support NOW! I have written a couple of posts before. But now I will be bombarding you with posts until October 19, 2012.

I am running a half-marathon. The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Half to be exact. My goal is to raise $250 for the Heart and Stroke foundation of Manitoba. I did have a link up, however, in contact with the HSFM support it was taken down by accident and they are looking to fix it. However, my race is in 17 days people! So now what? Now I find another way to try and raise money. So here we go.

I am auctioning off 3 of my Cuddly's for each of the fundraisers I'm doing in conjunction with this half marathon. All three will have a starting bid of $15 cdn dollars. That is what they retail for. I will be paying the shipping when the highest bidder is chosen. Remember my goals everyone. $250.00 cdn for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba; $250.00 for the kids of Kalinovka; and $100.00 for Bobby's fund. You can see to the right on my side bar where I am at goal wise. Please help me, help others.

On top of me raising this money. IF, and only if, I reach at $100 for Bobby's fund and at least $125.00 for the kids of Kalinovka for their Happy Home project I WILL dye my hair rainbow colour for race day.

Your choice: Brown & Pink or Brown & Circles

Cause: The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Manitoba (My family has had too many close calls with heart and stroke issues for me to not run and raise money).

Goal: $250.00

Starting bid: $15.00

Auction closes: October 18, 2012 (midnight)

Your choice: One of the Koala's shown here.

Cause: The kids of Kalinovka Happy Home (Link brings up the last happy home they completed for 9 lucky boys.)

Goal: $250. ($125 or more for me to dye my hair race day)

Starting bid: $15.00

Auction closes: October 18, 2012 (midnight)

Your choice: One of the Bunny's shown here.

Cause: Bobby's fund (Since money is usually all that keeps these children from having "forever families", Reeces Rainbow has a wonderful program of holding donated funds for each special child for their new families to help pay for the adoption process)

Goal: $100.00

Starting bid: $15.00

Auction closes: October 18, 2012 (midnight)

With all the fundraisers and causes in the world, I know that one more can sometimes feel like so much. I would like to thank you for at least taking the time to read my plea. I of course would love for you all to pass along this posting, bid really high and let's reach my goal together. Thank you again, my readers, my champions. I can't wait to see what we can achieve together.

**Please post in the comment section your bid and email your bid to createdbyl.a.c.e@gmail.com so I can contact you with your winning bid on Oct. 19***

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