Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And It All Goes Back To Normal. Whatever That Is.

Holy Bananas! I have found myself saying that a lot lately. I was feeling like I was going bananas for a while there. School was out, the kids were pulling me in many directions, along with my job, my writing course, expo preparation and vacation. I have survived. A lot sleep deprived, but I survived.

So here we are. September is almost over and we are getting back into the swing of things. My eldest is in Grade 10. So far he seems to be faring better at school and making attempts to get his work done. I really hope this lasts all year this time. Aiming for the no fighting, me breathing down his neck like an angry mommy dragon year. Hey, one can dream. My second baby is in his first year of all day school. Grade 1 is a tough one. He's enjoying it and learning, it's the long days that are getting to him. By Wednesdays he's starting to look pretty rough. By Thursday he's looking weepy. By Friday, tears are flowing. The teacher says it takes about a month to get acclimated to this all day thing. I hope she's right. Poor kid. My third baby is in preschool 3 times a week. She LOVES it. She cries on the days she can't go. She is proud to show and tell me the knew things she learns each day. Today I got to hear that she was a big girl and told the teacher she had to poop. Why I needed the play by play, I'm not sure. But I figured I"d pass on the TMI to you. My readers. Because I can. My fourth baby is loving the time with mommy. We cuddle on the couch in the am. Because we can.

I hope to get back into some regular writing. None of this once a month business. I still have to do some posts on our vacation time and some back to school fun. Then Halloween is coming up. I have lots of options, now to get it on paper, er, yeah, um, online.

Have a great week everyone :D

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Winnipeggers Support Your Local Business Woman/Man - Pretty Petals

Winnipeggers who love to support their local business this post is for you! Those who love beautiful things, this is for you too!

I never used to support local. Then I met my husband. He's a pretty smart guy. I realized local is pretty important. Then I became a bit of an entrepreneur myself and really see the value of buying local. Local helps the little guy. Not knocking the big box stores, they started of small too. But they lose something along the way. They are no longer close to the customer and what is important. Customer service, a sense of community, etc. That is why I started this section of my blog. I did my first one way back with Covet Designs in this post. Now I'm bringing you another.

My community has grown in homes and finally business' are starting to catch up to the demand for services. I saw some shops move in within walking distance and one really caught my eye. I thought at first it was a spa, but one moved in next door. It visibly says spa. So I kept passing by wondering what on earth Pretty Petals was. I loved the look from Main street. Even from the outside it looked fresh, clean and different. Could it be a flower shop? No. I had yet to see one in the city that looked, well, not cluttered and overwhelming. Finally curiousity, a beautiful day and well behaved children got the better of me. Imagine to my surprise when I saw it indeed was a flower shop!

Pretty Petals is the most beautiful and refreshing flower shop I have ever been in. The staff is helpful and so nice. My daughter always asks to go into the "Sunflower store" and this is the first shop that I personally bought anything in.

(Source: Pretty Petals FB site)

I purchased a gorgeous vase that day. Then a week later some vibrant green and blue daisies for my daughter. A few weeks after that I bought a beautiful flower arrangement for my parents 35th Anniversary. A week after that I bought different flowers to go into my vase. I could seriously go broke in there. What is super awesome is that the flowers are all fresh. Absolutely no fake stuff here. LOVE IT!!!

(Source: Pretty Petals FB site)

This is the arrangement that was delivered to my parents.

Pretty Petals is located at 2450 Main Street. I think everyone should take a gander inside. I am pretty sure you'll keep going back, if not for the great staff, then for the relaxing, fresh atmosphere of the store itself. Oh yes, and the amazing arrangements of course.

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