Sunday, August 19, 2012

Alberta Bound: Family Vacation Edition

The week leading up to our leaving day of August 17th was chaotic to say the least. I picked up another shift at work. I had to take my van in to get fixed on the 13th. I was trying to get all the laundry done and put away before we left. The house cleaned and organized. Bags packed. All my patterns cut out and most, if not all the embroidery done on my Cuddly's. The week didn't turn out as planned.

I did this on Saturday or Sunday in my rush to work.

I cannot express how upset I was. I hit the poles at a gas station in my haste to get gas. Who does this? Me. So not only did I have a $400. dent in the back bumper from an invisible pole. Now I have a huge red dent in the wheel well. I could have cried and then kicked my own butt.

On the 13th I took my van in to Packers Auto Body
on Marion St. in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I have said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE THESE GUYS! They saw how dumb I felt for hitting the pole and tried to make me feel better by telling me it happens more often than I think. Then they said that they would be able to fix it at the same time as my other dent. Phew. When I called back the next day to see when the van would be ready and said I'd need it by Thursday night, they had it to me by closing time Thursday. They were awesome!!! There was $1500 worth of damage so I know there was a lot of time and work put in and then to get it to me a day earlier than they anticipated. Packers Auto Body is my hero! I've had to go to them three times over the last two years (Twice was my own fault), and they've always taken care of me. I love small businesses like this. They truely care about the customer and want to make their experience amazing. I will never go anywhere else.

As for the rest of the week. I didn't get all my laundry done. Washed, but not all folded and put away. The composting was forgotten by my fourteen year old. (It's gonna be soup when we get home) I didn't mow the lawn, so I'm sure it's going to be twenty feet high when I return. The Cuddly's didn't get anywhere near where I wanted so guess what came with me. Along with my writing that I have no clue what date I said I'd mail it in on now. Beautiful. We did get packed.

We got up at 5am the first morning. It sucked as I had little help from my fourteen year old the day prior and I was up until 2am trying to get things packed and cleaned before our trip. We traveled for 10 hours straight to North Battleford with only a break for gas and the bathroom at those times. It was hard. I was tired. I chewed my nails down to the quick trying to stay awake. I smacked my arms and cheeks and vibrated my lips together. This latter one worked the best as it made my nose itch, which kept me alert.

This isn't the greatest picture. I took it while driving. I wanted to show us on top of a hill looking at the valley which upped into a hill again. We took route 1 which was the most beautiful drive eva! Lots of scenery, more hills and most importantly almost all double laned the whole way there! Booyah!

We spent the night in North Battleford. We arrived around 3am Winnipeg time. I was exhausted. I tried to take a nap, but my kids weren't having it. We then went for supper at Humpty's since all I ate was granola bars all day. We came back and hubby got into a fight with another dude. The guy was drunk as a skunk and every word he spoke was a cuss word. Truely unneccessary. Hubby told the guy to shut up as we have little kids and he just kept going. I told hubby to go inside and help me unpack the car from there and then we could change. Then, the guy kept going egging my husband to fight him and even shouted, "hey Squaw." at me. 1)That is a completely derogatory term. 2)I'm as caucasion as one can get. I ignored him and that is when hubby went to the front desk and complained. There was another guy there to complain too. The other guy just left for another hotel, we got upgraded to another room, right beside the pool and the drunk guys got their butts kicked out of the hotel.

We left for our final destination at 5am Alberta time. I felt more refreshed from from sleep and good thing for those kids. We arrived at our families five hours later and not a moment too soon. By the last hour I was ready to hogtie and gag the three older children. They were all whining and fighting. Hubby and baby were nicely passed out.

So we are here. Second day in Alberta and lots to do. We of course plan on hitting the West Edmonton Mall and I am meeting up with two people I've known for 6 years. We have never met in person so this is going to be exciting! Hubby has planned a date night for us. They all want to go boating. What else? Who knows lol I have my writing to do and my Cuddly's to sew as well. Busy, busy.

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