Sunday, July 1, 2012

Traffic: A Poject Chicago Edition

I stepped of the plane at my destination. The O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois. I felt like I was in a movie. Minus the dizzyness from the feeder plain. People don't get sick on planes in the movies. Killed by snakes, ants, spiders, or whatever they have on hand. But not sick. Maybe in the movie Airplane. I could be wrong though. I don't know the movie like Harvey Levin from TMZ. Then again, I'm not sure anyone does.

I looked around in awe. The airport was huge! Where am I supposed to pick up my bags? So many baggage claim stations. Again, one end of the place to the other. Finally we found our luggage. The next step was to find a ride. The lady I was with ended up asking someone. She was led one way and I was led to a counter to purchase a ticket for the Airport shuttle. Thirty-two Amercian dahllars later I was sitting in a van with several other passengers and a driver on my way into the heart of Chicago.

What a culture shock. The traffic was lined for miles. People drove to the sides and up until they were forced to go back into the left lane. Pushing into the line. All to get to their destination that much quicker. In Winnipeg, that is called "jumping the line" and highly frowned upon. In Chicago it appears the norm. It took over an hour and a half to get to the hotel and I thought we were moving fairly fast. Apparently not fast enough. I don't think I could handle that kind of traffic out here with children in the car with me. Oh heck, who am I fooling? Yesterday I was pissed because I swear every car in front of me was driving 10-20 km BELOW the posted speed limit. Winnipeg drivers you ARE the reason I have severe road rage.

I was in awe when we passed the sign for the turn off to Harlem. So close to a well known area, yet so far. One day I might dare to enter. Should I be wearing a suit of armour? I noticed signs telling us how many minutes we were from the "circle", whatever that is. I also noted this:

No, I haven't seen anything like it before. Winnipeg is flat. The hills we do have I'm pretty sure are man-made. These were up and down ramps going in and out of neighbourhoods. (I'm easily fascinated) Yet, nothing prepared me for what I saw next. I was definitely unprepared for the site that befell me once we got into downtown. I felt like I stepped onto a new world. People say that Chicago is a bigger version of Winnipeg. I don't think that does it justice. I love Winnipeg, but our city is not working with our building heritage. Instead we are tearing down gorgeous architecture and putting up "new" improved, albiet it devoid of any vision, buildings. Winnipeg, wake up and take a look at Chicago and how it celebrates the old and converges old and new into fantastic sites. The buildings were awesome. To get them to stand out from another, restaurants and buildings do neat things like this:

Look at the froggy on the front of that building. Too cute!

BBQ anyone?

After a few stops at other hotels I finally made it to my destination, The Palmer House Hilton and my very first in person meeting with @sarcasminaction and @snappysurprise.


  1. Let me be the first to say: Welcome to America! I've never had the privilege of visiting Chicago--just the airport. And yes, it is massive! Enjoy your time there. Don't worry too much about the traffic. If you think it's so bad, come visit Kuwait--you haven't seen anything!

    As for airsickness, stop at any well known drug store and ask for "Dramamine". It's good stuff and will prevent you from coughing the contents of your stomach. It works wonders for me.

    1. Thanks :D My time was rockin'! I wish I knew about the Dramamine before. Now I know for next time :D I got used to the traffic after, but yeah, it was a bit scary lol

  2. The buildings were gorgeous weren't they?!

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