Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Taking On Chicago Pt.2: A Cheesy Chicago Edition

Somewhere between the time we returned to our room and left for an evening of drunken shenanigans. And yes, there were drunken shenanigans. Marianna and Steph had an impromptu dance party. I didn't want to forget this moment so I sat on the sidelines (bed) and took pictures. This is the reason in most of my pictures, I have pictures of their asses. Next time, I'm so putting the camera down and getting in on the F.U.N.!

Also, during this time we made up our drinking game. One of the other girls did, if only I was that ingenious. Everytime we heard the El train go by we'd yell out "El!", the last one to say it was a drinkin'. It was also one of the other girls who said that if Elle did come with us, the poor dear would think we were always calling her name and may have become either extremely frustrated or slightly confused. (We never forgot about you our friend. Hopefully next time you can come.)

This beautiful girl was in a wedding. I had to take a picture. I have like 6 and none of them would focus. Sigh.

Hello place of wine and food! (Like I really needed more wine. *hiccup*)

Mmmmm cheese. It was neat how each one of us preferred a different cheese. I preferred the sharp cheddar.

Don't these two look like total BFF's?

Here is where all the trouble started. Stick three drunk women in a gorgeous hotel with some wicked personality and they think they are ghost hunters.

Marianna wanted in? Or out? She just looked a tad crazed to me.

Hello Shining! No twins for me thanks. Can we pick a different hallway?

We kept walking. But like a dream, the hallway just kept getting longer and longer. We were unable to reach the end. Marianna turned to me with panic on her face. "What is going on?" "Where is Steph?" "This place was not really supposed to be haunted." I just wanted to go home and was very close to curling up into the fetal position on the floor. We heard a noise behind us. Ran down the stairs and saw:

Darn it Steph, quit messing around, this really is a haunted place you know. By the way, how are you always the one to find the fairy doors?


  1. Replies
    1. So glad :D Notice how many of them are out of focus? MOre than just the ones I have here. I blame it on my camera. But dude, I was just that drunk on wine and vodka lol

  2. yay pics!
    And yay for cool fairy doors :)


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