Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taking On Chicago Pt.1: A Cheesy Chicago Edition

We woke up at I have no clue what time Saturday morning. As a chronic time checker this was an achievement in itself. I think I woke up once super early, something nagged me that I needed to get up with my kids. I looked around and saw there were two other people in my room, but, they were in their own beds, not my children, and I had a bed all to myself. All. To. Myself. Do you understand the implications of this? If you don't, you are not a mom and still enjoy sharing your bed with another human being. I could have stayed in that bed all day long. Only what a waste a weekend in Chicago would have been if I did. So up and at 'em! (I so dragged my butt out of that bed).

First thing on the agenda was breakfast. We went to this cute little cafe and ate outside. We ordered our food indoors and were given these buzzers to let us know when our food was ready. I thought it was the neatest thing since sliced bread. (Must I mention again how easily amused I am?)

I cannot remember what this was. But it was so yummy and fresh tasting. I had never tasted such fresh ingredients.

After breakfast we headed to Millenium Park. I had requested that we go. The ladies were awesome to accomodate.

We saw the face fountains. There were so many families playing in it. It was too cute.

We passed by Wonder Woman. I should have asked for her autograph.

I did a little posey posey for the camera

With this art piece and the "Bean", I believe Chicago is a bit obsessed with vaginas. Hey, you look and tell me they don't look like one.

Steph did what she came to do. She flicked the bean.

After we saw a bit of Millenium Park we flagged down a taxi and headed over to Navy Pier.

In Canada these are called Rockets. Smarties here are chocolate. Kind of like M&M's.

My very first Churro. Now I constantly crave them. Sigh.

Architecture Boat Tour. Our river guide Jeff was great. He needs to follow back and tweet more though.

These 3 sets of buildings were my most favourite ones on the tour.

The buildings were gorgeous. I think I'd actually lose followers if I posted them all.

This last one is of me eating a Twinkie for the very first time. Next time. Deep fried.

Side note: I just discovered that they sell Twinkies here. However, they are not double packed and definately NOT filled all the way through with filling. Rather disappointing if you ask me.

After this I decided to drink some more Vodka and lemonade, eat my Twinkies in bed, took a picture of my feet, and then took a nap, just because I could.

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