Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Daze

This Summer has been flying by. We've been so busy. Okay, I have been so busy. Picking up extra shifts, training for a half-marathon, trying to lose weight, hanging out with my kids, housework, homework, business work, and fundraising. Let's take a look together shall we?


This is was taken two weeks ago. My first long training run and my first ribbon, blue. I have added a purple one. What colour will be added this coming weekend? By October 20th I WILL be a running billboard for The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba. Help me raise $250.00 by donating here.

I'm also running for the Kids at Kalinovka. This is who the rainbow coloured ribbons are for. On race day, these ribbons will be replaced by multi-coloured hair! Support me by donating by cash in person to me, via paypal to createdbyl.a.c.e@gmail.com (just put Happy House in the message line) or go to their site and donate to the Happy Home Fund and just email or message me on this post how much you donated and I will add it to the running total. My goal is to raise another $250.00 here.

Also, I am donating $5 of every sale I make with my business By L.A.C.E. to Bobby's Fund. I again, will be having a running total so everyone can see how we are doing.

You will see these running totals on the side of my blog :D

The end of June saw the end of the mini soccer season. My daughter was a pro bench warmer. Her tea parties on the field were epic events. My son improved his game this year. I am certain he had more fun than last. The coaches on both teams had way more patience and talent with the kids than I ever could have.

The kids and I toiled in the garden for a week once the rains stopped. My weeds were as tall as my cedars! I planted this gorgeous Saskatoon Berry bush, potatoes and my neighbour gave me a grape vine. I cannot wait until next year to see the fruitation of the vine and bush. Still lots of weeding and watering happening though.

A asked if she could wear earrings just like Mommy. So we went and got her these gorgeous Tinker Bell earrings. She's been awesome and left them alone. No ear infections and she didn't cry when they were done either. (She's growing up, sniff).

An evening of fun at Grandma's house. Besides, bouncing and kicking balls, we balance on them on our bellies.

"Where are we going Mom? Where does this path lead us?" (Right before this I backed into a pole, disguised as a very large tree. This is a repeat offender that is costing me $400.00 to fix. They need to brightly colour said pole or move it, because you don't see it until you hit it. Really surprised it's still standing it's been hit so often.)

Look it's Hansel & Gretel on their way to The Witches Hut.

The kids enjoyed it. Definitely a site to see if you are ever in Winnipeg. I have enjoyed this ever since I was a little kid. I thought it was cute that my daughter was afraid of the witch, just like I was when I was little.

Then we fed some ducks. The older ducks were fighting each other and even the little goslings over food. There was so much food as well, not sure why they'd pick on the little ones.

Then we went on a bit of a trail walk, before I decided it was best to try to get into Packers Auto Body Ltd. to get an estimate on the damage. These guys are awesome! I won't go anywhere else.

So that is our Summer so far. Thanks for stopping by. See you again :D


  1. How cute your kiddies are! I would be afraid of the witch as well lol. That sucks about the pole!!
    Sounds like your summer has been pretty decent though :)

    Girlfriends Are Like Shoes

    1. Aww thanks :D So funny I remember the witch looking 10 feet tall. In reality she's the same size as Gretel ahahahaha. That pole is a terrible terrible terrible inanimate object. Our summer could have been better, but it was still pretty good. I want to get to the Zoo yet, even if it doesn't happen until September. I think the kids will enjoy it :D


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