Friday, July 6, 2012

In Need Of A Rainbow. Team That Is! :Forget Me Not Friday

I need some special people. Some people who are willing to train hard until October. I need half marathoners who are willing to put their feet to the pavement and their hearts in place of the pocket books. No, not all the money needs to come from you. But I need you to help raise money. Raise money for your half marathons charity, and money for the disabled children in Kalinovka who need your help! These blessed children are left to wither and eventually pass in institutions as those places don't have the things we take for granted. They don't have the support of people like me. Support Workers. Organizations that employ us. Nor homes specially made for them. Homes that breathe life and love into small hearts that thrive on the same thing us able people do.

I'm doing the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Half Marathon. They just opened up 250 more places. After that no more. If that is too much for you, but you want to help, they have 150 more 10K open up. I want funds to arrive for both these places so badly that I don't mind if you only want to do the 10K. I won't exclude your efforts. You enter online at The Running Room. I just set up my donation page for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Manitoba <----here. This is Jane's Post about Orphanage 50 and the new Happy Home. Jane has more updates on this Happy Home that they are now raising funds for. That is where the other $250 comes in. There are many ways that The Happy Child fund can take donations as well, they can receive PAY PAL donations through their partner organization in the US called Eleanore's Kids.

SO COME ON! Pledge me, join me. Let's make a difference for these two amazing charities. I am also going to be donating $5 from each Cuddly I sell from now until October 20th (race day), to Bobby's fund to help this little man find his Forever Family.

My post will be updated today when I am linked in with Flight Platform Living's Forget Me Not Friday.

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  1. That is so awesome!!! Oh and LOVE the new background, bright colors make me happy :)


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