Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good-byes Are Hard: A Cheesy Chicago Edition

This was taken on our-need-to-waste-some-time-before-I-left-for-the-El walk.

I thought this was neat. It played music and changed colours.

This was the first time I was ever on a Subway platform. I was in awe.

This is me on the El train. Not packed at all. Which was good. I had a lot of time to reflect on my time in Chicago. So many firsts this weekend. I took so much back with me from Chicago, including El train grime. (But no puke, Marianna, that person was actually leaning against it in your pic. Eeeww.) I left some of me in Chicago as well. The Chicago Bucket Boys were canvassing and got 20 of my American Dahllers. No clue who they were or if it was a scam. But I'm Canadian, and I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I then gave another five between two different homeless people. (I find out of all the aggressiveness in Chicago, the homeless were pretty docile. So different from many of the panhandlers here who are known to try to beat you down for money)

Now to the hardest part of this post. Reliving parting ways. I didn't cry because I wouldn't have stopped. (That and I was terrified I'd get lost trying to find the El, which I almost did. I'm queen of the detours though, so I should have known I would have been wandering in circles because I was too focused on how nervous I was).

Good-byes suck. Just sayin'. There was so much still to do. So much still to explore. There was not enough time with my friends that went from bloggy/twitter personalities to flesh and blood reality. They didn't mind that I drank oh so way too much. They didn't care that I spent a lot of the evening in the bathroom. (Not puking, I happen to pee A LOT when I drink) They told me I wasn't obnoxious when drunk, even though I still think they were being nice on that one. They let me nap and didn't complain when I lingered too long to stare at some stores, including Charming Charlies. They didn't laugh when I had no clue what particular stores were, like Sephora. It was just pure fun. The kind of fun you had in high school when the pressure of kids, husbands, cats, didn't exist and you hung out just because. When all your close friends felt like your best friends and nothing could break that bond. Even if I never see these ladies again. (um, so when is the next cheesy getaway ladies?) We will always have Cheesy Chicago!


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