Monday, July 2, 2012

First Night In Chicago: A Cheesy Chicago Edition

It is no more a project. I am finally on Chicago soil and waiting (extremely nervously) in the entrance of the Palmer House Hilton to spot @sarcasminaction and @snappysuprise.

I waited for about ten minutes and then paranoia took over. What if it was a cruel joke and no one is showing up. I'm going to be stuck in Chicago with no place to stay for two whole nights! Then I worried that it was two huge men going to chop me up into little pieces. (I really need to stop watching scary movies). I needed the paranoia to stop so I looked around again for signs. Then decided to ask the bell hops if I was in the Lobby or in some limbo place. Turns out I needed to go around the corner and up the escalator to the lobby. That's when they spotted me and I was tackled by this tiny thing and "skwee"'d at. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a completely spacial person. So I was a bit thrown off by such affection from someone who only knew me through my blog and Twitter. Steph noticed my imbalance and thankfully withheld the huge hug she wanted to bestow on me.

We chit chatted our way up to the room as I gawked at the magnificance that is the Palmer House Hilton.

A very gorgeous sight on the ceiling of the lobby.

Our room number

First thing I'm shown is the El train runs right under our window. I was completely stoked as I had never seen a subway or El train up close and in person before. This also became a new drinking game. More on that later. It was time to open gifts! I felt like a tool as I didn't think to get anyone anything. However, I have an idea that I will be mailing my new friends in the near future.

It's a glass coffee travel mug. It transformed into a wine glass and vodka cup for our cheestastic weekend.

Marianna thought this was cute. Ugh huh. I don't read romance novels. Especially Harlequin and Justin Beiber! Seriously Marianna?! Yeah, Steph and Marianna keeled over laughing over this one. Okay, me too. And yes, I did read the book when I got home. As well, I still have the bookmark. The ONLY JB thing I have. Really.

I also recieved a State specific shot glass, a provincial specific NHL magnet, mustaches, X and O shot glass drinking game, bath stuff from Body works. (I have used the soap and am loving it) Also a water gun, that I had to hide from my children when I got home. Oh and cheese sticks and sour gummies. Then it was a rush to get myself dressed, made up and out the door to get to Pizzeria Due for my first ever Chicago Deep Dish pizza. Before I go on, I must mention I really don't care for pizza. However, because Chicago boasts the best pizza going, I had to push past my dislike and make sure I had some before leaving.

When we left to go that is when "lens gate" happened. Amy (@coffeeluvinmom)
just texted Marianna to say she was on her way. It was great because we just left the room. Then, something flew into the air, and Marianna dropped her purse. I assumed we were good to go once she gathered herself. Then, she puts her finger through her glasses and spins it on her finger. Well now, it appears as though we are indeed missing something. Next thing we know we are giddy on Pino Grigio and crawling on the floor trying to locate a lense. You do realize it's no different than trying to find a contact that flew out? A maid comes around the corner and looks at us as if we have had way more to drink than we already had. We explain the situation and she kindly helps us try to locate the missing eye piece. Steph was the lucky lense winner in this one. That lense flew far.

We finally made it to Pizzeria Due with the rest of ourselves in tact. Enjoyed our taxi ride (Chicago taxi drivers are bloody hilarious), and made our way to our table. The four of us had a fab time. We got free salad and free cheesecake baby! Our server Mickey was awesome sauce! Although, she did say that Marianna looked like Sarah Palin, so she lost some points on that one. She DID try to redeem herself. Overall it worked and we made fun of it until our fun in Chicago ended. Best thing, was I LOVE Chicago deep dish pizza! That is NOT your regular pizza ladies and gentlemen. That IS a pizza pie! I want to go back with my hubby. If you want some fab pizza while in Chicago, go to Pizzeria Uno or Due.

Picture Frenzy!

Then it was off to my very first piano bar. I had never even heard of piano bars before Chicago. We went to The Redhead Piano Bar. The guys at the front were laying on the cheese pretty thick. Normally we would have minded, but this was CheesyChicago after all.

I was shocked by the waitress sharing her wares. Seriously, I can't remember what she looked like, all I saw was boob! Then sticker shocked. Thirteen American dahllars for a drink? After a few songs and the determination we were NOT going to spend that much on another drink we bid adieu to our new real life friend Amy. I didn't want to see her go. I would have loved if she could have come back to the hotel with us and partied. The dear did drive us back to the hotel though. Thanks for the ride again love!

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