Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Daze

This Summer has been flying by. We've been so busy. Okay, I have been so busy. Picking up extra shifts, training for a half-marathon, trying to lose weight, hanging out with my kids, housework, homework, business work, and fundraising. Let's take a look together shall we?


This is was taken two weeks ago. My first long training run and my first ribbon, blue. I have added a purple one. What colour will be added this coming weekend? By October 20th I WILL be a running billboard for The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba. Help me raise $250.00 by donating here.

I'm also running for the Kids at Kalinovka. This is who the rainbow coloured ribbons are for. On race day, these ribbons will be replaced by multi-coloured hair! Support me by donating by cash in person to me, via paypal to createdbyl.a.c.e@gmail.com (just put Happy House in the message line) or go to their site and donate to the Happy Home Fund and just email or message me on this post how much you donated and I will add it to the running total. My goal is to raise another $250.00 here.

Also, I am donating $5 of every sale I make with my business By L.A.C.E. to Bobby's Fund. I again, will be having a running total so everyone can see how we are doing.

You will see these running totals on the side of my blog :D

The end of June saw the end of the mini soccer season. My daughter was a pro bench warmer. Her tea parties on the field were epic events. My son improved his game this year. I am certain he had more fun than last. The coaches on both teams had way more patience and talent with the kids than I ever could have.

The kids and I toiled in the garden for a week once the rains stopped. My weeds were as tall as my cedars! I planted this gorgeous Saskatoon Berry bush, potatoes and my neighbour gave me a grape vine. I cannot wait until next year to see the fruitation of the vine and bush. Still lots of weeding and watering happening though.

A asked if she could wear earrings just like Mommy. So we went and got her these gorgeous Tinker Bell earrings. She's been awesome and left them alone. No ear infections and she didn't cry when they were done either. (She's growing up, sniff).

An evening of fun at Grandma's house. Besides, bouncing and kicking balls, we balance on them on our bellies.

"Where are we going Mom? Where does this path lead us?" (Right before this I backed into a pole, disguised as a very large tree. This is a repeat offender that is costing me $400.00 to fix. They need to brightly colour said pole or move it, because you don't see it until you hit it. Really surprised it's still standing it's been hit so often.)

Look it's Hansel & Gretel on their way to The Witches Hut.

The kids enjoyed it. Definitely a site to see if you are ever in Winnipeg. I have enjoyed this ever since I was a little kid. I thought it was cute that my daughter was afraid of the witch, just like I was when I was little.

Then we fed some ducks. The older ducks were fighting each other and even the little goslings over food. There was so much food as well, not sure why they'd pick on the little ones.

Then we went on a bit of a trail walk, before I decided it was best to try to get into Packers Auto Body Ltd. to get an estimate on the damage. These guys are awesome! I won't go anywhere else.

So that is our Summer so far. Thanks for stopping by. See you again :D

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Running Away From, To and For

I spend my life running away from things. Since 2003 I have been walking an even bigger tightrope than I anticipated. In 2003, something drastic happened. I had to stop running. I wasn't ready, and continued running away. In 2004 I met my husband. In that time I stopped running and began to face myself. Bit by bit, I'm trying to do things that make me happy, and deal with my demons. Probably why this year has been turning out to be a monumental one for me. One of some pretty big changes.

I started running in 2009, and then took a bit of a hiatus after my last child. I was extremely overweight. Extremely stuck in where I was, who I was and what I wanted. Seven plus years and I was still where I was then. At least that is how I felt. Some things had changed. My job, the number of children I had, both good things. They only held off so much thought and pain. I needed to get out of my head, so I decided to learn to take care of myself. In this post, I made the announcement that my goal was to lose 50 pounds by the end of 2012. I struggled until April with this. I was having some health issues and thought my weight was due to that. Well, it turns out, I just needed to rest and wait until the baby was finished nursing, then focus on what I was putting into my mouth. (Yes, I am doing the dreaded calorie counting) We did find out I have a medical issue that needs surgery, but I'll leave that for another post. My husband started it, then I followed. I dropped 18lbs and surpassed my goal that I set for another change in my life this year. I wrote several blog posts on this. Today I am now down a total of 26 pounds, only 24 more to go.
This is me when we went to go see my very first Cirque De Soleil show. I was 206lbs.

This is what 179 looks like. Most days the only way I see the difference is by the way my clothes feel. I no longer buy XL and now am in a L. I don't want to just look thinner to everyone around me, I want to see it when I look at myself. I want this bigger visual of myself gone.

I have been having a rough time losing my weight, I have been emotional eating, but recommitting to not doing that. And in turn, I have amped up my workout and instead of Running Away, I am now Running To and For something.

I am running back to a healthier me. My next goal is getting down to 165lbs for September 10, 2012. That will be my 7th Wedding Anniversary to my incredibly amazing and supportive husband. He has never seen me weigh less than 176lbs. This will be one of the gifts to him and of course myself.

I am running for this Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Half Marathon I'm hoping to raise $250.00. My donation page here. I am also running for the kids at Kalinovka. It all started here with my friend Jane. Her heart knows no bounds. To join in her fundraising efforts I want to raise $250.00 for the kids at Kalinovka. Donate anything from $1 plus. That cup of coffee at Starbucks is typically more, so donate the cost of that cup. Give up that Slurpee for the day. You can send your donations via Paypal to createdbyl.a.c.e@gmail.com.Send it as a gift and write in the tagline that it's for The Happy Home, and on October 18, 2012 I will take the money in the account and donate it all to the Happy Home fund. Or you can donate straight to the site here. Just remember to email me, or comment on this post about how much you donated. I will be posting running tallies.

I am also raising money for Bobby's Fund. To help him find his "Forever Family" for every Cuddly I sell I will be donating $5 to Bobby's fund. All funds will be put in on October 18th. Jane's hoping to raise a total of $5,000 she is at $363.00. Let's help her smash that total!

So what am I doing for all of this?

This is my race day outfit. Each week I'll be adding ribbons to my hair for my training runs. Every so often I'll be adding something new to my outfit and then on race day I will take one final picture.

This is the even bigger commitment. I'm going rainbow! I don't know if this is the end product or if I'll go wilder, but it will be stuck in my hair for a while. I'll be a walking billboard for The WPFS, the kids at Kalinovka and Bobby. How about you help me in my efforts. Let's do this together!

Friday, July 6, 2012

In Need Of A Rainbow. Team That Is! :Forget Me Not Friday

I need some special people. Some people who are willing to train hard until October. I need half marathoners who are willing to put their feet to the pavement and their hearts in place of the pocket books. No, not all the money needs to come from you. But I need you to help raise money. Raise money for your half marathons charity, and money for the disabled children in Kalinovka who need your help! These blessed children are left to wither and eventually pass in institutions as those places don't have the things we take for granted. They don't have the support of people like me. Support Workers. Organizations that employ us. Nor homes specially made for them. Homes that breathe life and love into small hearts that thrive on the same thing us able people do.

I'm doing the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Half Marathon. They just opened up 250 more places. After that no more. If that is too much for you, but you want to help, they have 150 more 10K open up. I want funds to arrive for both these places so badly that I don't mind if you only want to do the 10K. I won't exclude your efforts. You enter online at The Running Room. I just set up my donation page for the Heart and Stroke Foundation in Manitoba <----here. This is Jane's Post about Orphanage 50 and the new Happy Home. Jane has more updates on this Happy Home that they are now raising funds for. That is where the other $250 comes in. There are many ways that The Happy Child fund can take donations as well, they can receive PAY PAL donations through their partner organization in the US called Eleanore's Kids.

SO COME ON! Pledge me, join me. Let's make a difference for these two amazing charities. I am also going to be donating $5 from each Cuddly I sell from now until October 20th (race day), to Bobby's fund to help this little man find his Forever Family.

My post will be updated today when I am linked in with Flight Platform Living's Forget Me Not Friday.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good-byes Are Hard: A Cheesy Chicago Edition

This was taken on our-need-to-waste-some-time-before-I-left-for-the-El walk.

I thought this was neat. It played music and changed colours.

This was the first time I was ever on a Subway platform. I was in awe.

This is me on the El train. Not packed at all. Which was good. I had a lot of time to reflect on my time in Chicago. So many firsts this weekend. I took so much back with me from Chicago, including El train grime. (But no puke, Marianna, that person was actually leaning against it in your pic. Eeeww.) I left some of me in Chicago as well. The Chicago Bucket Boys were canvassing and got 20 of my American Dahllers. No clue who they were or if it was a scam. But I'm Canadian, and I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I then gave another five between two different homeless people. (I find out of all the aggressiveness in Chicago, the homeless were pretty docile. So different from many of the panhandlers here who are known to try to beat you down for money)

Now to the hardest part of this post. Reliving parting ways. I didn't cry because I wouldn't have stopped. (That and I was terrified I'd get lost trying to find the El, which I almost did. I'm queen of the detours though, so I should have known I would have been wandering in circles because I was too focused on how nervous I was).

Good-byes suck. Just sayin'. There was so much still to do. So much still to explore. There was not enough time with my friends that went from bloggy/twitter personalities to flesh and blood reality. They didn't mind that I drank oh so way too much. They didn't care that I spent a lot of the evening in the bathroom. (Not puking, I happen to pee A LOT when I drink) They told me I wasn't obnoxious when drunk, even though I still think they were being nice on that one. They let me nap and didn't complain when I lingered too long to stare at some stores, including Charming Charlies. They didn't laugh when I had no clue what particular stores were, like Sephora. It was just pure fun. The kind of fun you had in high school when the pressure of kids, husbands, cats, didn't exist and you hung out just because. When all your close friends felt like your best friends and nothing could break that bond. Even if I never see these ladies again. (um, so when is the next cheesy getaway ladies?) We will always have Cheesy Chicago!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Taking On Chicago Pt.2: A Cheesy Chicago Edition

Somewhere between the time we returned to our room and left for an evening of drunken shenanigans. And yes, there were drunken shenanigans. Marianna and Steph had an impromptu dance party. I didn't want to forget this moment so I sat on the sidelines (bed) and took pictures. This is the reason in most of my pictures, I have pictures of their asses. Next time, I'm so putting the camera down and getting in on the F.U.N.!

Also, during this time we made up our drinking game. One of the other girls did, if only I was that ingenious. Everytime we heard the El train go by we'd yell out "El!", the last one to say it was a drinkin'. It was also one of the other girls who said that if Elle did come with us, the poor dear would think we were always calling her name and may have become either extremely frustrated or slightly confused. (We never forgot about you our friend. Hopefully next time you can come.)

This beautiful girl was in a wedding. I had to take a picture. I have like 6 and none of them would focus. Sigh.

Hello place of wine and food! (Like I really needed more wine. *hiccup*)

Mmmmm cheese. It was neat how each one of us preferred a different cheese. I preferred the sharp cheddar.

Don't these two look like total BFF's?

Here is where all the trouble started. Stick three drunk women in a gorgeous hotel with some wicked personality and they think they are ghost hunters.

Marianna wanted in? Or out? She just looked a tad crazed to me.

Hello Shining! No twins for me thanks. Can we pick a different hallway?

We kept walking. But like a dream, the hallway just kept getting longer and longer. We were unable to reach the end. Marianna turned to me with panic on her face. "What is going on?" "Where is Steph?" "This place was not really supposed to be haunted." I just wanted to go home and was very close to curling up into the fetal position on the floor. We heard a noise behind us. Ran down the stairs and saw:

Darn it Steph, quit messing around, this really is a haunted place you know. By the way, how are you always the one to find the fairy doors?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taking On Chicago Pt.1: A Cheesy Chicago Edition

We woke up at I have no clue what time Saturday morning. As a chronic time checker this was an achievement in itself. I think I woke up once super early, something nagged me that I needed to get up with my kids. I looked around and saw there were two other people in my room, but, they were in their own beds, not my children, and I had a bed all to myself. All. To. Myself. Do you understand the implications of this? If you don't, you are not a mom and still enjoy sharing your bed with another human being. I could have stayed in that bed all day long. Only what a waste a weekend in Chicago would have been if I did. So up and at 'em! (I so dragged my butt out of that bed).

First thing on the agenda was breakfast. We went to this cute little cafe and ate outside. We ordered our food indoors and were given these buzzers to let us know when our food was ready. I thought it was the neatest thing since sliced bread. (Must I mention again how easily amused I am?)

I cannot remember what this was. But it was so yummy and fresh tasting. I had never tasted such fresh ingredients.

After breakfast we headed to Millenium Park. I had requested that we go. The ladies were awesome to accomodate.

We saw the face fountains. There were so many families playing in it. It was too cute.

We passed by Wonder Woman. I should have asked for her autograph.

I did a little posey posey for the camera

With this art piece and the "Bean", I believe Chicago is a bit obsessed with vaginas. Hey, you look and tell me they don't look like one.

Steph did what she came to do. She flicked the bean.

After we saw a bit of Millenium Park we flagged down a taxi and headed over to Navy Pier.

In Canada these are called Rockets. Smarties here are chocolate. Kind of like M&M's.

My very first Churro. Now I constantly crave them. Sigh.

Architecture Boat Tour. Our river guide Jeff was great. He needs to follow back and tweet more though.

These 3 sets of buildings were my most favourite ones on the tour.

The buildings were gorgeous. I think I'd actually lose followers if I posted them all.

This last one is of me eating a Twinkie for the very first time. Next time. Deep fried.

Side note: I just discovered that they sell Twinkies here. However, they are not double packed and definately NOT filled all the way through with filling. Rather disappointing if you ask me.

After this I decided to drink some more Vodka and lemonade, eat my Twinkies in bed, took a picture of my feet, and then took a nap, just because I could.

First Night In Chicago Ends Off With Some Intoxicated Chicks: A Cheesy Chicago Edition

This was the remainder of our evening the first night:

Well, this was it for the night. We crawled into bed and passed out were rocked to sleep by the periodic passing of the El train outside our window.

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