Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prelude To An Adventure: A Project Chicago Edition

Yes, I am a tease. Get bloody used to it. I have been accused of this act all my life and am not about to stop now. Maybe in some parts of my life, but not this one.

HOLY BANANAS! I did it! I made it to Chicago! Really, I did. If you don't believe me check out Steph's (sarcasminaction) post. I'm in a picture or two. (I look stiff though. I need to work on that) Marianna wrote a post for Cheesy Bloggers here detailing her version of our shenanigans. Although she left out the earring incident. Probably because there was no floor crawling involved. Or she was already so embarrassed over "lens gate" that she blocked it out. If I were her, I probably would have too.

There were so many firsts in going to and in Chicago that one post really, truely couldn't contain it all. It would not do this adventure or Chicago justice. That and I've been too busy with kids to figure out how to get a bunch of pictures off my iphone. I came back with about 500 photos, and I believe two videos. So I have a lot to sort through and reaffirm that it was not a dream and I really was there, hanging out with the best people ever!

I am super glad I got past my fears and myself and went. I'm glad that I got to meet Marianna, Steph and Amy (coffeluvinmom) in person. These girls need heels around me though. I felt like a giant, which was only exasperated that first night by my own need to wear heels. I hid behind them in pictures because I had to bend down and didn't want to look like I was doing the potty dance.

So while this is not the post most have been waiting for. (Come on you wanna hear all about my time in Chicago, just admit it. You'll feel better trust me.) It will have to do for now. Just know I had a blast and made it home safe. No body to find floating in the Chicago river weighted down by cement shoes. They were crazy, not homocidal. Just. Like. Me.

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  1. I am so totally proud of you for making this trip!!!! I'm glad you had a fantastic time!


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