Friday, June 15, 2012

If I Could Be Half The Mother

Last night I experienced something I never want to experience again. Last night I went to the funeral of a special little boy. Last night I saw a room full of people have their hearts broken. Last night I saw the same room laugh and smile about a life that enriched them at one point or another. Last night I saw a group of young classmates make an iced tea toast to their comrade. Last night I saw a brother say good-bye to his very best friend. Last night I saw a mother show strength and understanding over a situation I cannot say that I would be able to obtain if the roles were reversed. Last night I spent time in reflection as Eulogy's were given.

Last night showed me a side to my children I often forget. I saw moments I could have done differently. I saw sides of myself that I want to change. Sides I need to change. Not just holding my children closer. But pushing past myself to help them live enriched lives for we never truly how long we have. I may not reach the height I strive for in this area, but at least I'm going to be trying. That is more than I've done before.

Last night I reflected on all the mom's I've known in my life. The ones who have passed right along and the ones who are still around. I see the ones who are still around are the ones I look up to. The ones who have an awesomeness that I want to take away with me and give to my children. The ones who will and have fought for their children tooth and nail. Who give everything they have to ensure their world's are full of joy and the least amount of pain. Who teach them right from wrong. These are mom's who many call "Mamma Bears" because they will do anything to make sure all is right with their children.

Last night I saw how blessed I am to have these women in my life. These are mothers I am proud to know and call my friends:

My Grandmother, My Aunt, My Sister, My MIL, My other MIL, Kelly, Erin, Jessica, Crystal, Amanda, Deana, Tracy, Stacey, Stacy, Holly, and Kristy. These are only just a few of the great mommies in my life. Really the list is longer than I realized until last night. (Seriously, I just tried listing it and it's probably the size of this blog post itself)

If I could be half the mother these women are my children will be the most blessed children in the world, and I would be the most blessed woman.

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry, I can't imagine how hard that must be for the family. I do understand how it makes you really appreciate all the wonderful mothers in your life.


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