Monday, June 11, 2012

I Speak Your Currency. Princess. Part 2

Miss A is doing really well with the potty. She is wearing panties during the day like a pro! We still have to pry a morning diaper off of her. But once that is done she is good to go. Getting to this point was not without accidents though. Many on purpose.

We are great for going pee during the day. Many times you will here her shriek, "I have to pee!" and see a streak from different parts of the house to the nearest bathroom. The issue was going poop. She just refused to poop in the potty. She would have accidents during the day. She didn't like not getting a treasure for that, so she started to hold it until bedtime when she had her diaper on for the night. Soon we lost the need for the treasure box, but we gained nightly poopy diaper bums. There was no more currency that I could find. No matter what I did or said, this girl was absolutely refusing to use the toilet for anything but voiding. Everywhere I looked, the only answers I got was that this was normal for kids.

Not satisfied with this answer, I pulled out all the resources I could find. We have these three books in our home library:

I kept telling her that big kids pooped in the potty and slowly she started to go more and more. She still likes to hide behind her bedroom door just after going to bed and pooping in her diaper. And one day she even went in her closet and her room, brother and herself were covered in it. (Not my idea of a fun clean up).

We are seeing progress though. She now wants to go diaperless at bedtime, and isn't happy when I decline that request. Her bladder isn't quite ready for that one just yet. Preschool is in September and I believe we are potty ready. (Fingers crossed.)

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