Saturday, June 9, 2012


Why can't I seem to find it? I can write about anything generally. When I first started writing my first novel the words just flew from my mind, to hand, to paper. I would sit for hours. Dream for hours. Now I can't find one simple thing to say. I cannot seem to find a connection with this story or it's characters.

It's loosely based on me. Like the four children and wanting to be a surrogate. But the rest, not really. Which is good because I didn't want an autobiography. I don't even want to be a surrogate anymore. I am quite content never having another child grow inside my body ever again. Sounds selfish as being a surrogate can help someone have something they otherwise wouldn't. But after four children and finally getting my body back. It's so not happening.

Anyways, back to this assignment. I am supposed to send in a plot summary, which I think would assume that I have even started writing. NOT. What is wrong with me? Do I just have too much going on? Was it a mistake to add this on too? Should I have waited? Do I just need more discipline in my life when it comes to my writing? I'm thinking all of the above. What was I thinking when I decided to take this course on? I was thinking I really love to write and I really want to write at least one novel that gets published in my life time. I don't think I was ready for the self discipline it would require with four children vying for my attention almost 24/7.

I really wish writing was as easy as it used to be. I also wish I could find the connection to my character. I cannot even envision what she looks like. She's so smoke and mirrors right now. How do I make her come out of her hiding place?

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  1. I’d say there’s probably far too much going on in your life at the moment. Slightly overloaded, maybe? It’s certainly not for me to say. However, just by reading your blog, I’d say you’re a wee bit too involved with other issues at the moment. But don’t worry, things have a way of changing, and quite quickly, too. Good luck with your book!

    1. There is far too much going on. It is definitely a design of my own making. I need to start getting down to things instead of avoiding. I'm sure that will help me not feel so overwhelmed. Procrastination is a bad habit I cannot seem to break :/


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