Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chicago: A Project Chicago Edition

8 days people! Only 8 days left before I embark on the most amazing adventure!

I'm going to fly for the very first time! I'm going to travel alone for the very first time! I'm going to meet some awesome Tweeters/Bloggers for the very first time!

Before I go though, I have some things that need to get finished first. Here is my #cheesychicago to do list.

1)Keep up with all the laundry for the next 8 days. (I have 6 people living in this house, do you know what kind of feat that is?)

2)Keep the house as tidy as possible (do I need to go over response to #1 again?)

3)Make sure all three bathrooms are washed the night before I leave.

4)Get C's room well on it's way for flooring and painting.

5)Make sure there is groceries in the house for the weekend I am gone.

6)Ensure E has rides to not one, but both birthday parties he was invited to on none other than #cheesychicago getaway weekend.

7)Decide what I'm going to wear in Chicago.

8)Do not forget awesome shoes and some bandaids for Chicago.

9)Pack bathing suit and cover up, possibly some workout gear. (who knows I might feel up to a workout if they have a gym in the hotel)

10)vacuum the whole house just before I leave for Chicago.

11)Go and get that travellers insurance.

12)pack makeup and hair supplies

13)bring camera and back up camera file thingy since I'm not bringing laptop.

14)Mail in Writing Assignment.

15)Finish order for Cuddly before I leave so it's ready to deliver when I return.

16)Finish adult apron to deliver day after return.

17)get some American cash.

18)don't forget to pack actual clothes and underwear. We cannot afford to buy a whole new wardrobe in Chicago.

19)Keep so busy I forget to be anxious and nervous about flying to CHICAGO in 8 DAYS!


  1. Ahhhhhh!! So exciting! I'm gonna use this as my to do lit too, k? CANNOT WAIT.

    1. Feel free :D I hope that you have some different things too. Unless you have a writing assignment as well and kids that need to go to birthday parties lol


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