Monday, June 4, 2012

35 Years & Close to Rockin'

Late last year in October my baby refused to sleep. It was odd as he appeared to be sleeping better since he cut his tooth. But no matter what I tried he wasn't having it. At 1:25am I was so exhausted I could cry. At 1:30am I got a frantic phone call from my father. Exhaustion fled like a bat out of hell and I took off running. I packed up the baby and drove to the hospital they transported my mother to.

Everything was in slow motion. I felt like I was in an episode of Greys Anatomy. So many questions and nobody had any answers. The doctor came in again. My mother had an aneurysm and they were transfering her to Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg where they were more equipped for her. My Father rode in the ambulance with my Mother, my sister with her husband, and I got stuck trying to get out of the parking lot. I was not happy. Apparently you need to buzz in and get buzzed out that late at night. It took everything in me not to speed all the way downtown to the main hospital.

Those next 50 plus days were a hellish nightmare state. I laughed, cried and was zombified. Life held no meaning because my Mom, my confidant wasn't there. I prayed, I got upset, and in the end I was over joyed by God, his amazing grace and everyone who rallied to pray for her recovery.

Today we are celebrating a day that didn't seem reachable just seven short months ago. My parents reached their 35th Wedding Anniversary.

My mom is doing better. In the beginning she walked like she was 90. She shuffled. Today she speed walks with her walker. I imagine her standing up straight, tossing the walker to the side and breaking into a run. It'll probably never happen, but if you seen her walk now, you'd think the same. She has her awesome personality back and is able to clean her house by herself again. Sure it takes all week as opposed to one day to do it now. But she is doing it. She was told that this is most likely as good as it gets for her, and she'll never be able to look up or down without getting dizzy because of the shunt pinching when she does. But she's alive and I still have someone to vent to when I don't need any words, just an ear.

Not many people make it 35 years with the thought that if you don't feel in love anymore that means you should divorce. (I know, not always that cut and dry, but you get the drift) But they did. Not even an aneurysm could keep them from reaching this milestone. I can again imagine them at 45 years together and rocking in idential rocking chairs on their front porch as their children and grandchildren come to visit.

Love you Mom and Dad!

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  1. Awwww I'm glad she's doing better and able to celebrate such a milestone celebration!


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