Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday, I Give You The One Finger Salute!

Dear Tuesday,

I think you have forgotten your role in my daily life. You are my halfway point in my healthy eating week. I'm tired and growly from insomnia due to a really busy weekend. At least that is my theory. It could be that I'm not eating the mounds of sugar I did only three short weeks ago and my body is rebelling.

Tuesday, you are supposed to be a neutral day. But no, you had to go all rogue and walk to the tune of your own drum this week. Tuesday, you are NOT Monday. Just because yesterday was Victoria Day, thus making it a holiday, does not mean you can take over Monday's mean streak.

So Tuesday, I decided to take a page from your notebook. I didn't clean up the mess my daughter made in her bedroom. I left the orange nail polish on the walls, bed and dresser. I had a fantastic conversation with my BFF. I took my son to school even though I wanted to hide under the covers with my massive migraine. I didn't get too upset over the really craptastic weather outside. I even stopped being so freaked out about this evenings pelvic MRI.

I hope you enjoyed your drum dance Tuesday. I decided to give you the one finger salute, and enjoy what was left of my day.

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  1. So darn funny. I would like to give finger to all 5 working days of the week.

  2. @meandmythinkingcap: bahahaha some weeks, I feel like this every day too. I have decided I'm going to just paint her dresser orange lol

  3. LOVE!
    Especially that you let the world do it's own chaotic, messy thing while you and your BFF got serious talk time. :D

  4. @Eccentricess - thanks. It's hard to let that happen. i'm not a good flexible person that way.

  5. At least Tuesdays aren't as bad as Wednesdays where the week is half way done, but the weekend is so, so far away. Love the post!


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