Friday, May 25, 2012

Pecked Off Her Nose!

Reading is a big deal in my home. I love to read. I love the written word. The way the cover feels rested in my hands. The way the pages sound and smell as they are turned. Probably why even though I understand e-readers (smart inventions for traveling readers), I still long to buy tangible books. I don't buy a lot of adult books anymore since e-readers and e-books are available. I do still buy children's books though. I want my children to enjoy the tangibility, the feel, the smell and the joy of a book. The same joy I grew up holding dear to me.

In the beginning I used to read to my children twice a day. At nap time and bed time. Then, I did this when A was old enough to enjoy books. Only I read to her alone in her room, and then read to E alone in his room right after. The time was good, but soon, they wanted to hear the same stories. Soon, I became tired and bored with spending over half an hour at bedtime reading to each child. Nap times were extended in time to get ready and shortened in the time spent napping. It was a mess for all involved. Now, reading is only once a day. Our new ritual is for each of my three littles to grab a book of their choosing (sometimes mommy chooses), and we all curl up in mommy and daddy's bed and read to everyone. Sometimes, when there is time, the littles tell me one of their own made up stories. It's really cute to hear them use their imaginations.

In my search for new books for my word thirsty children, I came across a wonderful book containing nursery rhymes and other short stories.


My children love this book as do I. The one story they want to hear before anything else is "Sing a Song of Sixpence". Every night I curl up with them and this book, they shout. "Pecked off her nose, Mom! Pecked off her nose!" Ah my silly children. And every time, at the end, I tweek their little noses, as they shower me with giggles and requests to sing it again.

What is your favourite book or rhyme to read to your little?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tuesday, I Give You The One Finger Salute!

Dear Tuesday,

I think you have forgotten your role in my daily life. You are my halfway point in my healthy eating week. I'm tired and growly from insomnia due to a really busy weekend. At least that is my theory. It could be that I'm not eating the mounds of sugar I did only three short weeks ago and my body is rebelling.

Tuesday, you are supposed to be a neutral day. But no, you had to go all rogue and walk to the tune of your own drum this week. Tuesday, you are NOT Monday. Just because yesterday was Victoria Day, thus making it a holiday, does not mean you can take over Monday's mean streak.

So Tuesday, I decided to take a page from your notebook. I didn't clean up the mess my daughter made in her bedroom. I left the orange nail polish on the walls, bed and dresser. I had a fantastic conversation with my BFF. I took my son to school even though I wanted to hide under the covers with my massive migraine. I didn't get too upset over the really craptastic weather outside. I even stopped being so freaked out about this evenings pelvic MRI.

I hope you enjoyed your drum dance Tuesday. I decided to give you the one finger salute, and enjoy what was left of my day.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

I AM a Writer Darn It!

That is what I'm going to keep on telling myself. Until it happens. I was doing some reading today because I now have my second assignment back and need to get to the gritty of things. Which means I need to write. A lot.

As you can tell I haven't written anything in weeks. I have been busying myself with soccer four times a week, work and television, while dreams of Cheesy Chicago dance in my head. That and the dread of a pelvic MRI that I am going to tomorrow. That is a whole other blog post.

So here we are, making sure that I am writing. I am writing the quickest, lamest blog post ever. All about how I am a writer and not much else to say about it. Hoping the affirmation will help me write more. (As my 17 month old clamours all over me with his rosey red cheeks).

See me. WRITER!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Website Review: Kickin It SlimKicker Style

I was approached last year about a weight loss website. It hadn't been developed enough to be usable yet. But I was asked if I was interested in reviewing it once it was up and running. Sure, why not. I need help, big time. What made me say yes? This site appeared to be more about helping with motivation and keeping it, than just hoping for a quick loss. That brings us to this year. I was approached a couple of weeks ago again. The website was up and ready for me to check out. So I did.

The website is called SlimKicker. If you visit this link, you will come to their home page where it gives you a rundown on what the site is about. And it's FREE. Yeah, thought you would like that. Before you sign up they let you take a virtual tour. It is only a one page breakdown of what you will use, so I suggest, you sign up and check out the real deal. You'll really see what it's all about. It is a lot different than a lot of other weight loss sites out there. Here is what I like:

I like the fact that things are more visual. I am a very visual person. I love that the site is clean. Not cluttered with this, that and the next thing. I love that the "Inspiration Feed" is front, center and bold as soon as I sign in. The quick links are easy to find, as are the tabs to get to where you need to go. I am in love with the diet tracker. Not so much having to put in all the food I eat. How mundane. That will never change for me. Yet, I really do like how I can see where I am with the amount of calories, sodium, cholesterol, et cetera I have eaten at any certain point during the day with a bar graph. It's not just numbers now, the stuff in between is being filled in as well. If you are not a visual person like me, this won't mean much to you. I know there is more that will catch your eye though. Just go check out SlimKicker, tell me if I'm wrong. The challenges are pretty cool too, some of them even have giveaway's attached to them. If you remember to check in every day you get points that add to your current level. Each level you complete has you reach a personal goal. The site even tells you to go get your goal upon level completion. Other site pluses are groups, friends and blogs. Now to what I see is a down side.

There are not any huge negatives with this site. Which is a plus in itself. It is just a fledgling, so of course there is room for tweeks. My biggest issue is the way the cardio and strength training is set up. Yes, you have a large selection to choose from, but if you are like me and like to do exercise videos, you will have to know what moves you did, how many reps, et cetera and put it in all manually. A lot too much of a pain for me. So I stick to my old site for that one.

All in all I think SlimKicker is a worthy site to check out. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out!
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