Monday, April 9, 2012

Things That Go Bump In The Night. (So Glad It's Not At My House)

Firstly, if you are easily frightened by what you don't understand than this is not the post for you. Secondly, I do believe in God. He is my Lord and Saviour. My rock. My salvation. But I am not oblivious to the very real aspects of the spirits that are out there. I may sound off my rocker to many of you, but I have seen and experienced my fair share of things that "go bump in the night". A lot of times, it did not happen at night. Which is probably a good thing, the dark sucks. I don't need bippity boppity boo things shooting off as well. I do like to bring different things to my blog as well. Some of my friends like a good "ghost story". So here is one for you.

In 2007, my mother, father and their friends went off on the Ghost Tours offered here in the Summer to late Fall months. They visited quite a few places, where my mum captured a ton of ghostly things. Here are just a few examples. The only thing I've done to them is circle in red where the "ghosts" are seen.

This one was awesome to see on film once developed.

This next one is two pictures of the same building taken seconds apart. What do you see?

This last one is from the Dalnavert Museum & Visitors' Centre. I went with my parents back to the home on this one. We went on the tour. The historical aspect was amazing. I definitely wasn't expecting the "visitor" just behind me.

Hope you saw something to make your heart race and give you something to wonder about and maybe take a crack at seeing if you can take your own "ghost pictures" this summer. If not, at least you'll learn some awesome history on your adventures.

****I am having a hard time getting the middle pictures big enough so you all can see what is in the windows. If anyone can give me a clue on what to do that would be appreciated. I'll fix the post as soon as I can figure it out.*****


  1. This post and pictures did give me goose pumps. I choose be in denial that ghosts don't exist, I need to feel strong

  2. I loved your comment. My post's inspiration is, well I made a clown cry and loose sleep for 3 days. ;)


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