Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring In My Step

I am loving that this warmer weather is here. It really puts a spring in my step, as well as improves my mood significantly. I do suffer from depression and it gets really bad near the end of Febraury. So the really early spring weather has been a very welcome surprise.

Since warmer weather is here, we are trying to walk the mile to and from the kids school twice a day. Going to school one runs, one bikes and the other one is in the stroller. The laugh, they babble and the baby giggles and points. On the way home I bring the other bike and the two older ones bike home while the baby and I try to keep up.

On this particular day E was pretty upset that his younger sister (younger and a girl), was kicking his tush in the speedy bike riding department. He cried most of the way home. However, before the meltdown, I caught a nice peaceful ride that lasted the first ten minutes of our journey home at the end of the school day.


  1. Pictures are awesome and weather is welcoming. Sorry about your mood though. Hopefully vacation and trip to Chicago helps to change the situation, dont worry.


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