Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Assignment Exercise.

I am not sure if I am completely happy with how this turned out. Probably because I know that it will not be going into the story. At least that is not the plan. But also because it keeps changing. I keep learning more about my character through this process. Interesting to say the least. Especially when I am trying to give her her own voice, yet she is trying to give me her own voice as well. I can say that I have never analyzed so much in order to make sure I was creating a clean character and not making an autobiography. Here is what I wrote:

Willow Vance spotted Angeline from across the Church foyer. Willow walked with the confidence and grace one would associate with a rich hoity-toity woman, but when she spoke her words dripped with a humility Angeline found she envied more often than not.
“Hello Angeline. How are you today? I see the children are growing fast. Christian says he’s doing really well this year in school and thinking of going to Bible College, possibly some missionary work after high school next year.”
Angeline smiled on the outside, but on the inside she was a wreck. Her body cringed at the thought of her oldest son branching out and leaving her. She could feel the walls of the foyer closing in, her lungs quickly pushing the breath from her body threatening never to expand again.
Angeline’s thoughts drifted back to two weeks prior. She had just walked in the front door from running a few errands and picking up Elliot, Anya and Levi from school. Angeline ran through her normal routine, dropping her keys on the mudroom table, slipping of her flats; sweeping them under the table with her left foot. She hung her jacket and purse on the hook on the back of the door as she rifled through the mail. As she made her way into the kitchen that is when she saw it. A letter from Steinbach Bible College fell to the floor from the pile of letters Angeline held in her hand. The college’s logo emblazoned on the front of the manila envelope. She stared at it, jostled back to reality as the kids broke into a free run toward the couch to watch a little bit of television before dinner, squealing as they went. The alarm for the front door beeped, as Christian walked in.
Angeline cleared her throat and passed the envelope to Christian. “Thanks Mom, I was waiting for this.” Christian took the envelope and made his way to the fridge for a glass of milk.
Angeline put the cutting board on the counter and grabbed a straight edge knife. “Steinbach Bible College eh. I didn’t realize that you were looking at a college so far away.”
Christian made his way to the kitchen table, put his glass of milk down and began to open the letter. “It’s not that far away Mom. It’s only a two-hour drive from here. It’s not like I am moving to another Province or across the country.” Angeline crossed the room to the fridge. “I know that, I just thought you would look at a college in the city so you wouldn’t have to travel so far to school. You know, save on gas.”
Christian swiveled in his chair to look at his mom. “I won’t have to worry about the cost of gas Mom. Brayden’s parents offered a place for me to stay during the school year so I could focus on my grades and not have to worry about having a job, a place to rent, or any of that other stuff.”
Angeline gave Christian her biggest, fakest smile as her heart began to break. She placed her hand firmly on his shoulder. “It looks like you have it all figured out then. Congrats on making it in Hun. I am so proud of you.”
Angeline snapped back to the present conversation. “Hello Willow. I am doing quite well.” Her fidgeting hands betraying her words. “Yes, Christian has begun to change into a man right before my eyes. He appears to have everything set up to help him get where he wants to go; at least for the coming year. He has already been accepted into a college and has a place to stay. His maturity and “go get them” attitude really shows me his dad and I did a pretty decent job raising him. I cannot wait to see what he does after college. Maybe he will get to that missionary work he mentioned.”

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