Sunday, March 25, 2012

Project Chicago

That is what I am calling it. I want to go to #cheesychicago! I felt pretty darn awesome when Marianna Annadanna from Snappy Surprise asked me if I was in. I mean I wanted to go, but to be asked. It wasn't just me that wanted to be a part of it. Somebody who was planning it wanted me to be a part of it. What is #cheesychicago? It's a bunch of women bloggers meeting up for what I assume is a weekend of shenanigans. Oh and in their blog Cheesy Bloggers they state a lot of cheese and beer. I hate beer so I think I'll have to find some vodka. Besides I can't hold my beer, I'm done after three and I don't plan on viewing the inside of a jail cell in Chicago. Not exactly on this girls list of tourist attractions. Will we even leave the hotel room?

So why so excited? It's just Chicago. I already live in Canada's windy city. How would America's windy city be any different? According to my husband it isn't much different. Just bigger. For this girl who is terrified to travel and been known to get physically ill just travelling two provinces away (that has been easing up thank goodness), it is a massive deal! This means I'll need a passport. And if I can obtain the money to go (without affecting the money we are trying to save to go to Alberta this summer), it will be my very first time on an airplane. To top it all off I will be travelling all by my lonesome! Yes, my anxiety has me crapping my pants at this very minute.

So "Project Chicago" it is. Which means working as many hours as I can at work and getting as many sales with my business as I can so that I can still pay my new van loan and get my tuckus to Chicago with some spending money. Does anyone know how soon I need to book a flight in advance? I might even sell my first born for this as well. Just sayin'.


  1. Just watch for sales, I've heard it's much cheaper to fly out of GF's so that might be worth checking too.
    You'll have a great time.

  2. Cheesychicago. Never heard about that. "Sell me first born for this" - Love the line, I may steal it one day.

    And thanks so much for your comments back in my blog. You dont know how happy I felt that.

  3. Ahhhhhhhh!!! I want you to come so much!!! I like this project and I support it 100%! It can be scary to travel but I'm so glad you're thinking about facing that fear! I'll be flying out Friday morning. HOLY GEEZ I CAN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!

  4. I struggle with anxiety so I totally get that. Way to go overcoming that and going for it!!

  5. Let me be the first to wish you lots and lots of fun in America! Looking forward to hearing all about your time there.

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