Monday, March 12, 2012

My Outer Sasquatch

(google images)

Tall and burly,

I would fair well to say manly.

I can almost curl the hair on my long limbs.

My underarms have no fear of the chill in the winter air,

They are like a mini-sweater holding all heat and thank God smell in.

The freak man-hairs on my belly that never went away from having children.

I love them! They are great conversation starters.

And that bikini line? No worries over here.

Bathing suits, bikini's, thong underwear. I don't wear them. Only boy shorts and boxers for this gal.

How did I get so lucky to be able to show off this luscious side of myself?

My Outer Sasquatch.


  1. And summer is coming! It's going to be 90F here in Houston at the weekend. Thank you for this timely reminder to carry out some deforestation!

  2. You and your freak-man hairs--ha, that's too funny!

  3. @Stranger in a strange land: I'll deforest when my kids let me shower alone again lol

    @Diplo_Daddy: it's funny until you're the one that must painstakingly pluck them all out for fear someone will mistake you for a man when you wear a mid drift or a bikini lol


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