Friday, March 23, 2012

Life Is A Busy Place

Here, there and everywhere. I am pulled in many different directions. I put myself here. Now I need to learn the art of time management.

I love what I am doing. My business By L.A.C.E. is taking up my time. I have just made my latest Cuddly "Buster Brown" Bear. The one I have showing, is not as fine tuned as the one that went out. (He needed a tail lift) I am however, so happy with the fix that I think he is my favourite one to date. I have more ideas running through my head, but need to get to some orders as well as some ones to put up on site without embroidery for ready for sale. A lot of late nights to say the least.

Notice need of tail lift

I also just got my notes back from my instructor. I had a gut feeling he would have gone for my second storyline. Not the one I wanted. Fair enough. Maybe a fresh start is what I need to get away from my attachment to the other story and characters. He thought the ending was over done. Yes, it is a crap ending. I knew it was, I was truly hoping it would morph itself into a better one. For now, it apparently won't matter as I am off on an adventure I know nothing about. Nadda. The next assignment is due mid April. Gots to get on it.

I hate lists. Abhor them. Now every morning I am making them. They help me get done the mundane housework that I really don't want to do. Keeping me on task and my house looking like a hoarder doesn't live here. Just don't go into the basement okay?

Well that is about it for here. I'm trying to get things up and running more on my blog. I just find that I'm running out of time for most things. Like right now I should be getting my son ready for school. Instead I am writing this blog and watching the "Scratching the Surface", some extra stuff on "The Muppets" movie DVD. So jealous of the celbrities who are in this movie along side my all time faves. The got to be near Animal! Swoon!

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  1. That teddy bear does look cute. I am not about muppets. My kids have graduated from Thomas/Cars to Mickeymouse clubhouse as of now. Once they get interest in Sesame street, may be I may need to.

    About your comment on my blog. I wanted to share this link with you, when you have time.


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