Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Piece Of Me: A Forget Me Not Friday Linkup

I am not sure if I mentioned this or not in previous posts but among the list of things that I do, I am also a support worker. When I was growing up I wanted to be a singer, dancer, anything to make me a lot of money and famous. Because when you're a teen that is pretty much all life is about. Fun, money and being famous. Now I am a mother of four. Fame means having all four children demand something from you at the same time and your husband wanting you on top of all that. Money. What money? It's all sucked up into the abyss of clothing, food, school, sports and other child related activities. Fun, is no longer about drinking and dancing at the coolest club. It's about chasing your naked fifteen month old around the house trying to get his diaper on while he laughs deep belly laughs. Unable to catch him because you are significantly slowed down by your own laughter. Fun, is now listening to the same story about being a ballerina, a puppy and Grandma being beautiful after you tell your only daughter she is beautiful. Fun, is watching your five-year-old sing you yet another song in French, and understand the story you butchered while reading with your really bad French pronounciation. Fun, is your fourteen-year-old who most of the time makes you wonder why your whole head of hair isn't completely grey by now, and in the next breath has you in awe of how kind he can be when he decides he wants to be. Let's not forget those moments he isn't trying to be funny and says something that sends you rolling in laughter. So much so you end up with side stitches. The other things that have changed are what I want to be when I grow up.

Yes, I want to be a mother. I'm not perfect. I have a ways to go. I found that I also want to be a support worker. It's not an easy job. Although oddly easier some days than raising my children. It's a job that gives me satisfaction. A job that has me feeling like I am giving something back. It is a job that allows me lots of room for personal growth. Which leads to today. No I am not going to discuss the clients I work for as that is a total breach of their privacy and the law. Plus I would lose my job in the blink of an eye. But I do want to share what I have learned.

Today I went and took the Lift and Transfer course provided through my job. The people I work with have limited mobility and while I don't need the lifts, I do need to know some basics. Like leg braces and body braces. What do they look like, why are they used. What do I look for in fit, etc. How do I ensure the person I am caring for is comfortable and the product is doing it's job? Cleaning, and so forth. Pretty standard, but interesting as it wasn't something I knew too much about as prior to this I worked with mobile clients. Next was this baby:

(Google Images)

We each got to use a lift and got to be lifted in one of these. I have to say, while it was fun to be the liftor and think about being the liftee. As the control freak I am, not so much fun swinging in mid air from a machine that looks like it could drop you if you moved the wrong way.

After a coffee break we moved on to the mobility aspect of things. Some of them looked like medieval torture devices like this little beauty:

It looks pretty rough, but it provides an imobile person a different position. A different perspective. It provides some load bearing on their bodies where normally they wouldn't ever have, which is good for the body. It also provides circulation within the bladder and intestines which allows better waste removal. Standing is something I know I take for granted. As medieval as this appears, I am so glad that someone thought of it and put it out there to be utilized. What a sense of freedom the person using it must have when their normal life consists of lying down.

There were also awesome bikes like this one, although the ones at our work were not as nice as they were not as new. These are some pricey bikes running around $3000.00 for some really nice ones. But they are cool. I won't lie, I wanted to test drive one.

(Google Images)

These were the coolest things I saw yet though:


It reminded me of the scooters in elementary school gym classes. Rolling along the floor on our belly's. Racing and laughing. Yep, that is what they get to do here as well. All these things allow people from children to adults get a new lease on life that they would not normally get if they were not around. I am so thankful that we have people in this world who thought of and made their ideas reality for those who couldn't do it themselves. I am glad that I went into this profession. Not only am I giving them something, support. They are giving me something back as well. Compassion, knowledge, life lessons only people of my clients caliber could.

I am happy to see that my tax dollars go towards equipment that help build healthy bodies and lives for these people. I am glad that we live in a Country that supports people like my clients. That helps to provide them "group homes" to live in for more independence. That provides them with lives and support that they otherwise wouldn't get. Which leads me to the second half of my post. The Forget Me Not Friday Linkup. I am joining up with Jane over at Flight Platform Living. She advocates for the children of Reeces Rainbow. Through her a young girl captured my heart. She was born the same year and month as my second born and she had something in her eyes I couldn't escape from. She has since found her family and is now with them. My heart bursts at the seams with this, as she will not end up as many in her situation do.

Many of the children in these orphages don't end up in the types of homes I work in. Or the centers like the one that employs me. They end up in instititutions. They are left there to live out the rest of their lives where there are not enough care givers to give each of them what they need. Things we take for granted. Life is typically "good" for these children until they are around the age of six. Then they are sent to these institutions where they will fade away until they eventually pass away. Their growth mentally and physically is always stunted. There are ways to help. Please check out this blog hop. Pray, give, share, adopt. Whatever, you are able to do. Let's change these lives. Let's give them the small things we take for granted, like those few things I have mentioned above. Let's have A Forget Me Not Friday.

Forget Me Not Fridays


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