Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Have I Been Doing?: A Shameless Promotion Edition.

So, I have been busy.  Except today.  I am just feeling down right lazy and not wanting to do a single thing.  This includes interacting with my children, cleaning, feeding them, taking them to school, cleaning, picking them up from school, doing my writing.  Even doing this.  This is work after all on a lazy day like today.

Anyhoo, this is my shameless promotion edition of My Glass House.  I have been working hard to build myself besides being "just a mom".  There is nothing wrong with being a mom.  It is the most rewarding job I have outside of wife.  However, these monsters angels grow up and then I'll be left dancing a jig depressed out of my mind with all the freedom spare time I truely won't know what to do with on my hands.  My identity will be just that.  My children.  I believe we have discussed this fear in a couple of previous posts.  Sure my baby is only fourteen months old and I have a long way to the empty nest.  But believe me, my oldest is fourteen years old, and it comes quicker than you think.

So new business idea turned reality.  Thanks to Wendi Gratz over at Shiny Happy World for her tutorial and permission to sell her creation.  Thanks to my mommy group on facebook.   Thanks to my friends in Winnipeg who keep telling me I need to get a life and stop  hating on talking about my children.  Thanks to my children who have put up with me telling them that I need them to leave me alone for a bit and to "not touch".  Thanks to my husband for his hours of patience and input and cheers.  Thanks to my parents for saying they'll support me in whatever I do.  Thank you to God for helping me with well, everything.

Okay, I'll get to it.  At the top of my page you will notice the By L.A.C.E. tab.  This is my business name.  I am making cute little stuffies to start.  My first was the Shiny Happy Bunny.  This is Wendi Gratz's creation.  My first sewing project since high school.  I actually finished this one.  Then I went on to spend the month of February designing my next Cuddly, "Katie" Koala.  She's a cutester.  I know.  I am completely biased.

 So go jump to the tab, check out what I have to say.  At the bottom of the page is the link to the facebook page with more pictures and colours to choose from, prices, et cetera.  I believe you can still access it if you don't have facebook.  I do plan on doing a better website set up later on in the future.  For now though, this is where I am at.  I really hope you enjoy.  Now on to make lunch, apprarently starving your children is neglect no matter the reason  :/

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  1. You are a great mom. Sure I shall check the link and see what I can do.


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