Sunday, February 12, 2012

Needing A Prayer Chain Today

Hello my blogoshpere friends. I have been neglecting you all I know. I have so much going on on my plate that the moment I sit down to write something, something else grabs my attention and I forgot what I was going to say. So I end up posting nothing.

Right now however, I really need you all. I am not sure if you recall my blog post Hope For Carsen (you can catch up right at that link). But Carsen is an amazing toddler. She made it to her first birthday fighting through many illnesses. She even welcomed a baby sister into the world a few weeks ago. But now Carsen needs your prayers. Today she was life flighted to the children's hospital. The doctor's don't know what is wrong, and have hooked her up to all sorts of things to help figure it out and get her back to good health.

Please pray that they figure it and can bring this little girls health back. Pray for strength for my friend Amanda and her hubby for strength.

Thanks so much everyone. Much love and may God bless you and yours.

****Since this is Sharing Sunday over at Flight Platform Living I wanted to add to this as well*****

My good bloggy friend Jane is blessed enough to be able to go to meet our wonderful girl Francine, whome with your prayers and financial help and shares we were able to raise a mass of funds and find Miss Francine her "Forever Family"!  God is so good!

Jane is also going to Orphanage 50 and is trying to raise funds to bring these beautiful children some music and art!  The thing is, you donate some money and then once there, that amount is used to buy toys when they are there to bring to the children of Orphanage 50.  If you cannot donate, please pray that her goal of 2000 can be reached by the time her plane lands.  Please pass this along to those who can help in prayer or funds or both.  Again, I would not ask if I wasn't going to do myself.  Music and Art for Bobby! Is the link to go to for information on this fundrasier.

Here are children who need your prayers if nothing else.  Please again, pray for my mommy friend Amanda and her very sick one year old Carsen.  And pray for the orphans at Reece's Rainbow.


  1. Praying for Carsen, please keep us updated on how she is doing.


  2. Thanks ladies :D I will for sure.

  3. We'll keep the little one in our thoughts. Such a sad story. I truly hope this child makes a full recovery, and goes on to live a normal life.


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