Sunday, February 19, 2012

Imaginary Friends Are Welcome Here! and An Update On Carsen.

One Word: Nicolae.

Nicolae is E's best friend. I know a lot about Nicolae. Although I am sure my knowledge is still the bare minimum.

Nicolae has been with us for possibly two years now. He showed up about the time E realized that his dad wasn't his brothers dad. For years we had said C was going to his friend's house for the weekend. We knew a two, three, four year old could not possibly understand that his mommy was in another relationship before daddy and that I had a son from that realationship, et cetera, et cetera. And I like living in denial that that part of my life even exists. Well E heard it said one day around four and a half years old and that is when Nicolae came along.

Nicolae lives in the mountains.

(google images)

He is "big like C". He comes to visit quite often, although we never know when, until after he's gone and E has given us a new tidbit of information. He has a dog like C has at his dad's. Nicolae has facebook. He likes Star Wars, Plants vs Zombies and Angry Birds. When E gets upset he even revokes his house visiting privledges from A, which upsets A very much. I have to step in and say that it's not very nice of Nicolae to leave A out while everyone else can go to Nicolae's. E says she can go again. Crisis averted and tears dry up as quickly as they appeared. E has been to Nicolae's house many times. Apparently late at night for us. I wish he would ask before he takes my second born to the mountains.

After much thinking and date changes we finally know when Nicolae's birthday is. February 7th. E insisted that I make him an Angry Bird cake. He wanted it done that day. Instead, thanks to my ingenius husband, we bought a cake and downloaded a picture. Cut it out and put it on the top of the cake. Nicolae never showed up and we ate the cake without him. E said it was because C said Nicolae wasn't real and hurt E's feelings.

Happy Birthday Nicolae. Maybe next year we can finally meet you and eat cake together.


Now for an update on our non-imaginary friend Carsen

In Amanda's own words on Friday.

"We experienced our first adrenal crisis on Saturday night. She has been in the picu since then, finally getting off the ventilator today. The cause of the crisis was a mild fever caused by a hep B shot she received 24 hours prior. We are very lucky that she is still with us today and I am so thankful for the medical staff who saved her. Everything I have read about an adrenal crisis and what to look for was completely wrong in our case. I have always been told she would be lethargic and unable to arouse. Our situation was quite the opposite. She was breathing rapidly, could not take in enough oxygen, her heart rate was 240 and her temp sky rocketed to 107 within minutes. Now I know what to look for thankfully as I know this won't be the last time. Keep carsen in your prayers for a speedy recovery and pray that I have the knowledge in the future to act quickly in the event that this would happen again."

Thank you all for your prayers. Carsen is still in the hospital. Please continue to pray for our friend.


  1. @Diplo_Daddy - nope. We bought the cake from the store and my husband printed of an angry birds picture he found online. Cut it out and we put it on the cake. 8hrs notice is not enough to time to make an angry bird cake lol

  2. It is a cool cake. Thank you for stopping by, I wanted to come by and give some bloggy love. Glad I did:-) Hope that you enjoy your week.


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