Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm Here! I'm Here! I Promise I'm Still Here!

Truely I am still here. I just noticed I lost two readers. I only had 73 and I'm OCD about my followers so yes, I noticed. I also saw that I haven't posted anything in three weeks! I have been meaning to. I had fabulous intentions. Did I mention I typically suck on follow through?

So what has been going on to keep me so busy? Well, the kids finished off their Christmas vacation and went back to school on January 9th. I'm lying. They went back on the 10th because I thought the 9th was a Tuesday and not a Monday and made plans. Oops. My daughter came down with pneumonia. So I was up for three days straight with high fevers and a lethargic little girl before I took her to see a doctor on the fourth day. I have been working and picking up extra shifts when I can. I got in a fender bender. My first in the entire time of driving. So upset about that. I enrolled in another writing course. I am also taking Zumba once a week for the next eight weeks, and I am setting up a business. Starting it slow. I will have more information on that as I get myself together. So I'm just a touch busy. I like it though.

I hope to get back out here a little more often once I get into a good routine and at least read some blogs. Missing a lot of you out there. Hope your years are starting out well. Later Taters!


  1. Wow, you have been so busy! I'm sorry to hear about your daughter being sick and the fender bender. Not fun, however, Zumba and the writing class sound like a lot of fun!

    P.S. I tagged you, check it out and I hope you play along

  2. Pneumonia! Poor girl! Hope she's feeling better!
    As for Zumba, how much fun is that? It's like not even working out lol
    You've been busy, but glad to see you're still around!

  3. I got in my first fender bender not long ago too, I felt like a knob. Actually, that's a lie. My first would be when I love tapped someone from behind in a drive thru but they didn't seem to care so I just went with it lol.

  4. Thanks everyone. yep still here. and then after all that I got sick lol still don't have my voice back completely.

    @Ruby, love tap lol

  5. Don't concern yourself too much with the number of followers/email stalkers you have. Mine tend to come and go. If they really like you, they'll hang around, even if you take a few days off. Just keep on blogging, regardless!


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