Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Year

Nine months

shock and dropped tests

half marathon passenger

growing fetus

growing belly


morning sickness that lasts too long


anxious parents



braxton hicks

false hospital rushes


nurses and doctors


"That's right you are doing good"

"It's a boy"

"It's a boy"

"It's a girl"

"It's a boy"

4 different pregnancies

4 different babies

All journeyed their own path

to their one year birthday milestone.

This December 11th was bitter sweet for me. My baby turned one year old. He is my last. I am excited for his accomplishments. His milestone hits. His smiles and laughter. His tiny first steps. His need to try and scare us with his growls. His wanting to play with his siblings. His bear crawl chases. His sudden independence with feeding himself, yet his need for me to be in eye sight.

I am slightly a bit broody. I didn't want anymore children after L. Four truely is plenty I think. Yet now that L is one, all I see is my babies slipping away from me. Today I looked at E and he looks so old. Gone is his angelic baby face. There was something different about him that said he would be a preteen soon. A is losing her baby charm as well. She has questions about snow melting, and hot stoves. Nail polishes and shoes. Her vocabulary is increasing and E is teaching her what he learns at school. She is a clever parrot. C is the oldest by far. In four short years he will be striking out on his own, to college or where ever his heart desires. In one short year he will be inquiring about drivers education. This leaves me wanting to keep L young. He too though is changing as he learns through his own explorations. This year went to fast. I don't think I cuddled enough. Or enjoyed enough smiles, cries, laughs, bumps, et cetera. I'm sure I did more than my share. But is it ever really enough once that time is no longer there?

So here is to the next year of journey for all four of my children, most of all for me and my hubby. Our lives will change once again as the needs of the baby fall away leaving the needs of a toddler in it's wake.

L's birthday cake. First time ever using cake decorating icing bag and tips. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.


  1. Happy Birthday to your youngest! The cake looks pretty awesome. When your urges for babies get too strong, just remember you have 4 kids to give you grandbabies one day ;-)

  2. You did a great job on the cake! The only thing that sucks about having babies is that they grow up. But on the other hand when they are all grown up you can appreciate all the hard work you put in to making them well-rounded adults. SO glad you are back to blogging and keeping your mama in my prayers.


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