Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Favourtie Christmas Movies

Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year. Family get togethers. Fabulous food. Of course the gifts. The gifts we give to others that is. Sure, I am human and love getting gifts. What I most enjoy now about Christmas is seeing my own children's faces light up. Watching them tear through the Christmas wrapping paper. Ripping into their siblings gifts if they are just a bit too slow and don't seem to be enjoying the process as much as the other. The best is sharing my love of the Christmas movies with my children. Sure I love the adult movies. Most of all, I have a great excuse to watch my favourites. The Christmas movies made for the kids. Here are my favourtie classics:

My all time Christmas movies are not complete without these two below.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. I cant imagine my Christmas without HOME ALONE movie and mandarins!

    Cheers from Australia

  2. I looooove the Christmas Toy and The Muppets Christmas Carol. I love pretty much anything Jim Henson except the Dark Crystal (so lame). I also really like Elf :)

  3. Is it weird I like ALL Christmas movies? LIterally anything and everything Christmas related :)

  4. I can't recall the last time I saw "Little Drummer Boy"! Now that brings back a few memories from my younger years.


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