Saturday, December 10, 2011

Move Over Vodka, You Need To share Me

Oh Vodka, how I do truly love thee.

We have gone through this before. Remember? If you don't, let me refresh your memory.

You will see that I can utilize your services many ways. My husband on the other hand loves wine. If I could drink red wine like he can vodka would definitely be on the back burner. Alas, I cannot. White wine doesn't make me feel all that great. And Red wine cause me to throw up. I can drink one glass of white wine, but that is all. Seeing as hubby likes the red, I try to taste a little.

Last weekend he wanted some wine. I saw a bottle that caught my eye in the sea of coloured bottles with labels that varied little from the other. It said, "DRINK ME". I wanted it. If I didn't like it, hubby will drink pretty much any wine anyways.

Well look at me it's a red wine I can drink! I am in love! So move over Vodka. I do love thee, but now you must share my affections with this little gal over here.

(Source: Google Images)


  1. Oooh I love a glass *cough*bottle*cough* of wine. I've never tried that though, but the bottle looks prettiful :-)

  2. That is a very cool bottle.
    Ditto on the red wine issue, except I come out in a horrid rash. Yey for white spirits!

  3. @ MrsMcDancer - I was close to finishing the whole bottle to myself this weekend too. *blush*

    @Eccentricess - that would suck if I broke out in a horrid rash. I am happy for the white spirits for you as well.

  4. I LOVE WINE! Looooove it, sad to say I don't discriminate against any bottle o wineo :)

  5. The blue Relax Riesling is very good. I've never seen the Relax red, so will keep my eyes peeled. :) Thanks for the tip!


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