Thursday, December 15, 2011

Got .....? : The Bike Edition


Well Christmas is upon us in 10 days! 10! That is not a lot of time left. (I haven't even decorated my tree yet *blush*) There is still time to make a difference in someone's life. Christmas time should not be the only time of the year to give, but if you don't give at any other time of the year, Christmas would naturally be the best time.

I am proud that Manitoba is one of the top 8 generous Canadian provinces (number two to be exact), according to this article. A lot of people assume you need a huge monetary value to give. I have learned that this is simply not true. In most cases it is as simple as giving up an evening a week or even month. If you don't want to volunteer your time, it is as simple as donating your special coffee fund twice a week. Don't believe me? The average cost of a specialty coffee at your local Starbucks, Time Hortons and McDonald's is $5.00 for a large. Which if you are like me, you need that or more. Unlike me, most people have two or more of these coffees in one day. Now are you really going to try and tell me that you cannot gift even a little bit of money to help make a life better? Want to make sure your money is going where it is supposed to? You can also donate with a physical gift.

This past summer we realized that we simply have too many bikes in our garage. We have at least two tricycles, two ride ons, three childrens bikes for different stages, four adult bikes. We cannot possibly ride all of these. The intent was to save and let the next child ride. Well, my teen crashes his bikes regularly, and we couldn't put training wheels on another. Seeing as we didn't need those two, because we were going to buy one with training wheels attached for E this coming summer, we decided we were going to sell the two bikes. However, they needed some minor fixing before we did that. Six months later they are still in the garage and taking up precious room. I have been wondering what to do with these things as I no longer want to try to fix and sell them. Then along came a pink paper from my son's elementary school.It's called Cycle of Giving: The 24 Hour Kids Bike Building Marathon. Up until the day the paper was sent home I had never hear of The Wrench. From December 9th to 16th, my son's school is collecting kids bikes (with 8" to 20" wheels) to support a special holiday project called Cycle of Giving. This marathon brings volunteer mechanics together to transform unused and discarded bicycles into holiday dreams come true. They are aiming to build over 150 bikes for Winnipeg Kids in need. "In the process, it will raise funds to purchase bike lights and locks for kids and provide free bikes and bike programming across the city".

Well how about that. It just takes literally three minutes to pack that bike or bikes into a vehicle (or walk them) and get them to the school. If this is not happening at your school, no worries. Visit the site The Wrench and learn more about how you can be apart of this awesome Cycle of Giving!

Merry Giving Everyone!

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  1. Thanks so much for the post. I do have two bikes to donate, I was waiting for summer. I am going to check your options.
    Thanks for the comment, I hope you had good laugh. After overdose of Hollywood 1 hour movies I can't imagi e I grew up with 3 hr I Dian movies :-) sometimes I need those action movies for good laugh


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