Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 Full Steam Ahead!

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New Years Resolutions. I bet that is all you have heard about for the past month. Possibly longer. I know I have. Yes, this is another blog post on those dreaded, seemingly pointless resolutions. Year upon year I make a resolution or two because it's expected. Somebody in my life always asks what my resolution is. I always have an answer ready, knowing full well I have NO intentions of following through. Resolutions are pointless. I have yet to meet someone who actually takes it seriously enough to make it through the whole year. This year is my year though. Why this year?

I have been struggling with my weight since I had my first child. Before that I was pretty thin. (Tell me that then though and I would have laughed and called you a liar. Not sure what blinders I was wearing, but I actually thought I was fat.) Now after my fourth child I'm sitting at 60lbs overweight and still gaining. I have never been this weight outside of being nine months pregnant. It is very frustrating. I am done having children though. So my excuse of, "well I'm going to have more kids and get fat anyways, so why worry." is just not going to fly anymore. I have no real "reasons" left to look and feel like I do. My legs ache and crack. I'm tired all. the. time. I'm binge eating. I sit on my butt and complain about how crappy I feel. I'm so over hearing my own voice on this matter already.

So here is my for real New Years Resolution:

Lose 50lbs by this time next year.

This feels like the most realistic. It allows me room to fail, readjust my plan, and get back to it. I'm not making a huge list. I am focusing on one single thing. So see you here next year 50lbs lighter.

If you have a NYR, let me know what it is. If you do just so you have something to say, don't tell me, your fake resolution, just say you don't have one. Nothing wrong with NOT having one. Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Best of luck!
    My two suggestions are don't deny yourself yummys, just have tiny portions and find exercise that you actually enjoy!

  2. You can jog over her twice a week and fix us a yummy meal then jog home, that would help. LOL

  3. Good for you! No stress, just do it because it feels good - at your own pace. xo

  4. You can totally do it! 2012 is your year!!! And don't think I'm crazy but I actually do really well with my Resolutions, I don't make them too crazy and keep them within reach so they're actually doable :)

  5. Good luck! Mine is to be the WORLD'S BEST GIRLFRIEND! Overly ambitious? Nahhh

  6. I never stick with diets when I do them. i find exercising 4 times a week has definite results. Wishing you luck!

  7. Personally, it's what's inside a person that matters the most. I think 50 lbs is a good goal. Take your time and remember to be healthy about the whole process.


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