Monday, November 7, 2011

Bullying Doesn't End. It Just Gets Pushed Down Until Somebody Gets Crushed.

I'm one angry mamma bear. I worked and fought for my child. And for what? Apparently, all the fighting to keep him from being bullied last year ended up making things ten times worse for him. The bullying only continued on this year in high school. GINGER. NO SOUL. My heart breaks for my son. I asked if there was anything I could do and he said no. He pleaded with me to leave it alone and let him handle it in his own way so it didn't end up as horrible as last year.

I am angry because he informed me that these kids never did get dissaplined. That they stuck together and made it look like my son was lying. Who on God's green earth would lie about being bullied to that degree? He stated that there was no point in saying anything because nothing could be done about it. I now wish I raised my son to be able to kick some serious arse. I wish I didn't teach him to be so passive. I wish I took him to learn boxing and whatever else that would bring these jerks to their knees. I wish in this moment that a guy beating the crap out of some girl wasn't illegal and imoral. I wish I could legally kick their scrawny, cowardly arses for him.

I am also afraid for my son. I am afraid for these bullies. Too many times do we see one of two things in reaction to bullying. The victim attempts and usually succeeds in commiting suicide. The victim decides to make a list and enact his rage on those bullies and anyone else who stands in their way. My son assured me that he wasn't the type to shoot someone up. But how do I know he wouldn't be the kind that takes his own life?

My son is only drawing into himself more and more. Avoiding the outside world as he struggles to make friends in his own neighbourhood because of these bullies. Unable to be himself, he is not having the same success in school as he did at camp, making and keeping good solid friendships. I just pray that he makes it through High School no more scathed then when he entered and finally once out, life turns on it's head and is a million times better for this pretty awesom kid.


  1. That is just awful, I cannot believe that the bullies were not disciplined! Your poor son, I cannot imagine how it must feel. I will be praying for you guys.

  2. i'd be just like you....nothing makes a mama bear come out of the den like some other bear cubs picking on ours...........keep your claws out mama and do whatever it takes to protect your boy.............

  3. I'm sorry to hear the bullying is still going on. I feel like bullying has gotten 10x's worse since I graduated. 2 of my younger cousins (bothare 8th grader girls)had huge battles with bullying this past year. One of them actually left the school district because she was cutting herself from all the stress of her peers. The other one tries to find every which reason not to go to school this year. Kids can be cruel but this seems to be getting out of hand. All I can do as a parent is raise B to bigger then bullying and hope for the best. I hope things clear up for your son, he deserves better!

  4. I am so sorry to hear this, I can't imagine how you are feeling but I totally would stand beside you and kick the crap out of those bullies! Have you thought about calling their parents? I know you don't want to get involved but if the school isn't going to do anything, maybe you can? What about an anti bullying campaign? What about calling the media? I just can't bear to hear your son being so unhappy. My Psych teacher said that normally when she had a child being bullying, the best advice she can give is putting them in a different school. Not sure if that's an option either but I wanted to share. I totally 100% support you and hope and pray things get better!


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