Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Family: Halloween Edition.

*****WARNING***** If you scare easily or have a child looking over your shoulder best to leave page now. It is nightmare inducing. Otherwise proceed. Muh hahahaha.

Our Family


photos generated by zombiebooth.


  1. Super scary, I'd say. Maybe one day I'll be able to talk my son into dressing up in one of these masks.

  2. LOLOL! Awesome pictures!!! Who doesn't love being a Zombie?!

  3. LOL

    @Diplo_Daddy - my daughter had nightmares for 2dys after these were taken. She had to see each one as dad took the picture on his phone w/ zombiebooth. it even eats your finger when u put it up to the screen and burps.

    @Irish Italian Blessing - E was a chicken zombie in that pic. lol

  4. That was awesome!

    What a wholesome zombie family you are!


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