Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ninja Drawer Warrior

Monday was no ordinary day. It started off ordinary enough. I awoke in a zombie-like stupor. In place of my husband lay three children ranging in age from five years to ten months. I was trapped. First by sleeping legs and arms, then by energetic bodies tackling me in hopes of getting me up. I make my way downstairs. Clean the dirty kitchen while they eat their breakfast. Finally at 11am I am ready to sit and relax for a bit, when I am hit with the excited chatter of my husband.

"Let's set the bunk beds up now."

"ugh. Right now?" My reluctance is evident. Yet I want it done. I push past the desire to sit on my butt for the next hour.

The two main parts are heavy buggers, but soon (after a consult with the in-laws), the beds are set up and ready to go. Then hubby went and laid on the couch while I dealt with the aftermath. The pulled apart dresser with current address now unknown. Two beds in A's room. Toy boxes and toys skewed between rooms and all over floors.

I unscrewed A's current bed and took the parts to the garage. (It is now headed to the garbage depot to join it's other parts) E's old toddler bed is now A's. The homeless dresser is taking up permanent residence in the corner of A's room. Waiting impatiently (oh wait that's me) for L to take over it's empty drawer space. Wait. I am getting ahead of myself here. The homeless dresser was not willing to change apartment dwellings. It protested. I had C help me move the dresser to the corner. Maybe that was it's deal all along. "Nobody puts dresser in a corner". I don't know. All I know is that it inconspicuously left one of it's drawers standing in the entrance way to E's room. I was carrying E's giant toy box back into his room. I saw the drawer and went to move it an inch out of my way and that's when it struck!

It saw my foot coming at it and stealthily held it's firm grip on the carpet. Then in seconds it dropped kicked my ankle. Slicing down from the ankle bone to my heel. The evil laugh that came from it as I swore every last curse word known to man and hobbled over to put the toy box down. The tears welled from my eyes as the pain shot through my foot. The Ninja Drawer Warrior laid on the floor in satisfaction. He may have got the first strike, but I got the last laugh as I put the drawer in the dresser. In the corner. Of his new address.

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