Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ice Scroobies and More Silliness

I love my kids. They put the "amaze" in amazing! It's been a while since I last wrote a post about the silly words that come out of their mouths, and crazy things they do so here we go.

Lately my kids are complete nutters. Where they come up with the energy I have no clue. A refuses to nap in the afternoon anymore which she clearly needs. Most noticable 4pm and on. Sometimes she even passes out in the car when we go pick up Daddy from work. E no longer naps as he is in Kindergarten. I've seen those kids tear around that classroom. I don't understand how he's not falling down on his feet by bedtime. L, well he suffers with very little sleep during the day because the other two keep him up with their antics.

Last night case in point. I went to the bathroom "Mommy Haven" to get a few moments to myself before the kids went to bed. Hubby turned on the tunes and I could hear E going crazy dancing to the music. The Black Eyed Peas are his favourite but he will dance to everything with a beat. He was running around, stomping his feet, singing. Just killing us laughing as he continued. (He has also been known to play air guitar and sing about eating brains) A was in on it too. Dancing in her Princess costume. Hubby said that she looked like a Ukrainian dancer kicking up her legs as she went along. A did a few kicks for me and Hubby was right. I laughed so hard. I heard them having so much fun, my haven became a prison and I had to join in on the fun. I grabbed L out of the highchair and dance him around the house, with my children dancing around me like wood nymphs. It was a great evening. Getting them to settle down for bed wasn't so easy. Oops.

Their actions are not the only silliness that transpires at our home in one day. Toddlers can come up with the most amazing words when they cannot pronounce things properly.

Smurps = Smurfs
Carmen = Kermit the Frog (No matter how many times I correct him. He says, "Yeah, Carmen".)
Ice Scribbies = Rice Crispies

Smirks = Smurfs
broon = balloon
Ice Scroobies = Rice Crispies
Smurpette = Smurfette

L: He's just learning words.
Mamma and Hi.

C's first words. Is it terrible that I don't remember that?

E's first words were Dada and Welcome.

A's were Dada and Thank You

Until the next installment of silly words I hope you all have a Silly Saturday!

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  1. how cute! we have abba on repeat at the moment!! mama mia being the favourite!!

    my dear friend do please come and linkup your wonderful posts in 'sharing sunday' over at the flight platform, i would love you onboard, janexxxxxx


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