Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Speak Your Currency. Princess.

Oh the joys of potty training. *eyeroll* You all may remember the I Do It Myself post I wrote at the end of May. The potty worked all of two days. I guess it's better than nothing. Suddenly she no longer wanted to use the potty and diapers were her bottom of choice. Sigh. I wouldn't be so frustrated if she didn't resort to not wanting to change her bum at all. Have you ever seen a diaper so saggy that one can shake their butt from side to side and the diaper hits their knees like a bell? Yeah, it's gross. For all the people out there thinking how could I let it get that bad? You don't have kids do you. When you are chasing four around all day, you learn to pick your battles pretty quickly.

I have been looking at my options for getting this kid to use the potty ever since I decided I really want her to go into preschool next year. Her older brother enjoyed it and did really well. Plus she keeps telling me she is going to school. Well dear. Hate to break it to you (not really), but if you plan on going to school you need to ditch the diaper. She understands somewhat.

With C, he was potty trained completely by the time he was two years old. This kid just would not keep his diaper on. So two weeks of running around the house naked from the waste down and two accidents he was using the potty like the rest of us.

E was not so easy. He liked the potty for a bit, and then screamed bloody murder for the rest of the time. Finally stating that he was not peeing on the potty until he was four. Big mistake for him when he turned four and I called his bluff. I found his currency pretty quickly though. This was one of the tricks I used before the age of four was the "potty two-fer". If the baby will do it, then big bro should follow.

Eventually I decided on going to Dollarama for two large poster boards. I wrote E's name on one in giant bold letters, and A's on the other in the same manner. I purchased as many stickers as I could. That was it! I had it the jack pot. I learned E's currency: Stickers. Each time he went to the bathroom, he got to put up a sticker. One sticker for when he went pee. Two stickers when he pooped. He thought this was fantastic. A on the other hand just wanted to put the stickers up and would move the stickers from one poster to the other. She was to prove that what is good for the goose was not good for the gander.

I have spent this whole time trying to figure out what she would need to go pee. We bought the new potty. I bought her Princess panties. Yet, she still peed everywhere at whim. Diaper or no diaper. After more research, and the need to stop spending so much money on diapers, I have found her currency: All things Princess and flowers.

We went to dollarama and she helped me pick out some toys for her "treasure chest" (potty rewards). I got a small princess book for stickers that she can carry around with her. I got headbands, barrets, hair ties, a barbie type doll, a dancing sunflower and a storage box to put it all in. I have to say after the first night of keeping us up because I wouldn't give her the toys, we have do have success. She now understands in order to get a toy she needs to go pee in the potty. She loves it and is proud to show off what she has done. She still has not pooped in the potty. She admitted that she is scared. We also still do diapers at bedtime. I know she is not ready for that yet. Which is okay by me. Getting them to go during the day is half the battle. The important part. The rest will come when her bladder is 100% ready! (She did have 2 accidents. During one she peed on hubby's leg. LoL.)

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