Friday, October 14, 2011

Always On My Mind: A Forget Me Not Friday Link Up

Each one of my four children have a piece of my heart. I never thought in my wildness dreams that I could love each of them equally. I know that this is a common fear for anyone planning their second child. How could I possibly love my next child as much as my first? What if I love my next child more than my last? Once you see that face, your fears melt away. Each moment with each child is so different. You cannot compare one to the other because there is no way. Each laugh, smile, milestone, joke enriches my day. Each tantrum, mean word, scream brings me a frustration not appreciated by anyone other than another mother/father. As these little lives grow and thrive they remain on my mind 24/7. Such blessings.

My children are healthy, I am blessed in that. Even if they were not, I'd still enjoy each struggle and triumph with them. Hundreds of children are not so lucky. Hundreds of parents do not know the blessing they are giving up because their children have some sort of defect. Because where they live education for the "defect" is unknown. So parents part with their child thinking it's the only way. Or they part because they only want a healthy child. Or because they have passed on. In all these situations, these children are left orphans. First in care homes, then into mental institutions where they languish and die.

This is Francine
she is waiting for a Forever Family. One of the major stumbling blocks that Francine has in front of her is the cost of addoption. They say the tipping point is $10,000. Francine is on her way, but still has a ways to go. Jane over at Flight Platform Living has a Fundraiser for Francine going on right now! The fundraiser now has a closing date of November 23, 2011. Jane's birthday! Now what a wonderful birthday gift would it be to get Francine to $10,000 for her adoption fund!

I know many think, why should I bother. I bet this person is just promoting and hasn't put their money where their mouth is. Well, I have. I wouldn't ask for a donation to help Francine get that much closer to a Forever Family willing to adopt her if I didn't do my part. So now I am asking for you not to forget Miss Francine. All it takes is a few dollars. A week's worth of latte's. Plus once you do and you leave a comment on Jane's blog that you bought a puzzle piece or more, you are entered to win a whole lot of amazing prizes! Also, I ask that you pray that Francine gets a Forever Family soon. Someone who sees the amount raised so far as realizes they will have help along the way. I find more people are willing to help once they see a child has a family to go home to. Let's not forget that every child deserves the joy only experienced in a family, and that every family deserves to experience the joys and trials only a child like Francine and other children can bring.

Forget Me Not Fridays

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  1. oh you angel! here's praying with you and hoping that your readers do come along to the flight platform and give the fundraiser a much needed boost.

    by the way, special needs children 'never' age out of the mental institution...they are there FOREVER!! unstimulated, unloved many left in cots, where they stop growing and many die. it is beyong my comprehension!!

    if anybody has visited my blog you will know my eldest daughter Tilly is also an extra extra special child. She was born with Smith Magenis Syndrome and the thought of this fate for her is so horrific i can't go there even in my imaginings! But this is reality for these children, so full of magic, so ready to love and be loved and yet allowed to languish forgotten!

    how sinful that the ransom on these children's heads is so huge ($20,000-$40,000+)that money is often the only thing standing between them and a family desperate to love them! Help me remove that obstacle for Francine please xxxxx


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