Sunday, September 18, 2011

A-Z of Me Meme

I am a horrible blogger lately. I have no time. I play on FB games, but those require little thought and are during spurts of sit down nursing time or that half hour before bed. My days are so full this year. Phew.

Okay, so here it goes. I was tagged earlier this week by my bloggy friend. You can check out her post here. While you are at it, check out her other entries. I love reading her posts.

If you would like to give it a whirl, you can find a blank form here. Just copy and paste.

Anorak... I am obsessed with owning a library in my home. I want wall to wall, floor to ceiling books. Not only that, I want to say that i read each and every one of the books in my collection. it'll never happen as we don't have the room.

Body... My stomach. I'll gladly keep the stretch marks if my tummy would just lie flat when I'm standing up. I am really over looking six months pregnant. My baby is nine months old for goodness sake.

Celebrity... Christian Slater. I loved him in Heathers and Pump Up The Volume. I wanted to date him back in the day. Now I am happily married and don't think of him that way. However, he is one of the only actors I crushed on as a teen that I know if I wasn't married I'd still be attracted to.

Debut... I have always journaled. I love writing and starting doing a writing course last year. I figured that writing a blog would help give me the courage to send something in to get published. I still haven't sent anything in. I am however, meeting a ton of awesome people through blogging.

Error... My biggest regret created the best thing that could have happened to me when I was in my late teens/early twenties.

Funny... My kids. They are the craziest bunch of nutters eva!

Grand... Clothes or something else for my kids. Debt. Yeah, I really don't spend anything on me. I have a ton of reasons to do for others, but never for myself. I always feel guilty putting myself first.

Holiday... I don't travel except by vehicle. Never outside of Canada. I would love to go to England one day.

Irritate... My husband would say picking my nails. I snap them, rubbing one nail under the other when I am stressed out. I am stressed out a lot.

Joker.. I don't have any favourite jokes.

Kennel... Do my children count? Seriously. They are why I don't have pets. I spend all my time raising my children. I don't have the time to take proper care of an animal.

Love... I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet. My life was empty before him. God has blessed me so much with this union. I am forever grateful.

Meal... Starter? Just give me the meal. My favourite is macaroni casserole. I'm a cheese fanatic. It's elbow pasta, cheese and tomatoes layered. Lots of cheese! The crispies are the best! Desert? No room for that after my casserole fix.

Now... I would be on a deserted island with my husband. We need some us time desperately.

Off Duty... Sleep. With four children, that is my off time.

Proud Moments... I am most proud of being married. I wear my wedding rings like a badge of honor.

Queasy... When I hear of people doing horrible things to children. Parents who put their needs before their children. (i.e. think with their vagina instead of their heads. Yep, I went there.) My children are my life and I don't understand how some people think that these precious beings are anything other than the gifts they are. They are not accessories, they require more of you than you would have ever thought possible.

Relax... I used to relax by reading. Now I just don't have enough time in the day.

Song.. I don't have a favourite song of all time.

Time... My wedding day. The moment I walked down the aisle to our wedding song and saw my husband to be waiting for me at the other end of the room. That day I could live over for the rest of my life.

Unknown... I am slightly OCD about making sure the doors, including the garage door, are locked at night. I check exactly three times before I am satisfied. I make sure the mud room and the basement doors are locked too. Just in case some nut job breaks into our house they will have a few things to make getting in tough for them. I have been known to shove my laundry in front of the door too.

Vocal... I don't have a favourite. I like Celine Dion. Adele has a gorgeous voice. There are a few others I can't think of right now.

Work.. My dream job is being a singer, actress, an author, a mom, and a job that enabled me to give back to the community. I'm working on a book, I am a mom and I love my job as a support worker. I think I'm doing pretty good.

X-ray... I almost broke my ankle once. Other than that only sprains.

Yikes... My most embarrasing moment was back in high school. I had a major crush on this guy. EVERYBODY knew about it. (I look back now and it was kind of stalkish on my part. But I also liked things I couldn't get back then. I am sure if he like me back I would have lost interest pretty fast.) Anyways, we were both in Drama together. We were in a play and were cast as boyfriend and girlfriend. I loved drama in those days. During our live performance, baby powder was falling down from the scene prior and with the dark mood of the stage, I got lost in how gorgeous and surreal it all was. My deep like for this guy and how romantic the moment seemed to me got me. I totally forgot the majority of my lines. I had never forgot my lines up to this point. The look on his face for having to cover me. The fact that I let him down. I was devastated. I broke down and cried after our scene and beat myself up for weeks over it. No body understood why I was so upset. I always said it was because my parents weren't there. But no. It was because I let the one person down that I would have hung the moon for in those days.

Zoo.. A cat. Except for the whole licking yourself. Ewww. They are strong, fearless and independant.

Now I am tagging the following...



  1. Thanks for the tag! How did you know I needed something to post?

  2. Loved everything. Good to know so much about you. Cat in zoo? I take that you are talking about Lion here.

  3. Sorry, that last one was me, marianna. Can you delate that? I'll repost it! lol

  4. @Suniverse - I'm psychic too :P

    @meandmythinkingcap - it was your favourite animal. Didn't say it had to be one in a zoo :D

    @Marianna Annadanna - deleted and you're welcome :D

  5. As if you stole my vagina line....hahahaha Your the best. It was pretty witty wasn't it.

  6. @ Kelly - I am pretty awesome aren't I. LOL You know it was pretty damn witty lol

  7. Aww you big sap! You're so cute how proud you are of your marriage!!!


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